Trust Kansas!

Tune in!

The FBI is warning of an uprising. Stay away from major cities. Uprising armed protests are inevitable. Don’t worry!

January 16th through the 20th apparently there are protests and uprisings everywhere.

I believe there is lots of disinfo on purpose and we are all SAFE. Make sure you have all your supplies for a few weeks. We have been warned for weeks if not months by Potus to be prepared.

Remember what Q said:

In the meantime, Pompeo gave a great speech today. There is going to be optics carried out by the both sides: #FakeNews will continue to lie and you will need to #DoYourOwnResearch.

You can view the Pompeo’s speech here:

Also, this was just released:

In the coming days things are going to get more hectic and I may or may not be able to keep you up to date here. I also want to urge you to charge all your devices and make sure you have your data backed up.

We are going from Dark to Light so please #StayTheCourse.

America is counting on you. Tell the truth. Spread the truth. Walk in faith.

And put on the Armor God daily, hourly if you need to:


~ Dilara 01.11.21

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  1. Dear Dilara,
    That was so beautiful to the teeeee, your lovely and humble video! We love it! Your β€œarmor of g0d” shines nonpareil !!!! You are loved over here too. Thank You so much for posting your video of love~centered awareness! You touched the core, the inner~smile, again and again. P.S. your zen garden background enhanced too! Aloha, nicholl @nonpareil99

  2. Infowars down . Not that i trust much from them but just sayn . 30 mins before Trumps speech . Send any info you have if you can when you are able . I am linked into alamo for now .

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

    • Infowars is C —– iii _- AAAA Alex Jones is a fat shill. You are listening to the wrong sources. Good. Glad they are down. About time. UNPLUG from that sh!t! Godspeed patriot!

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