Happy Sunday!

Here is a movie that everyone should watch. I had previously shared this with a mini thread before the Great Twitter Purge and it was very well received by many. I hope you enjoy it!

God bless all patriots.

🙏🏼♥️ ✝️ 🕉

Part One

Part Two

~ Dilara 03.21.21

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  1. Good Afternoon Dilara! Hello to all the Anons and Patriots out there holding the line and trusting each other. wanted to share something magical with you. after i read your a post the other day the most amazing experience happened. I was at work flying the lead flight attendant up front welcoming everyone on board. 4 flights, over 120 passengers on each flight. The positive energy flowing through my heart and soul from what I know, my prayers and what i believe. THE BEST IS YET TO COME. I made contact with every single passenger through love and eye contact. I try to do this always but its not easy when you are tired. Anyway, ever single one of them had a glow and a smile and we connected with kindness. I felt the vibrations! Some of them even hugged me! hugging! I’ve always been a hugger or a hand shaker but wow! covid hugs are not allowed LOL! We are winning : ) Thank you so much. Cant wait to watch SAMADHI.

    God wins.



  2. Thank you, beautiful, for posting this for us to watch…I’m about to watch it, now….Wishing you and all the anons a beautiful night!!….Sending everyone love and blessings…..Sweet dreams, angel….I love you with all my heart!!

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