Review #17: A Thousand Pieces

If you have not yet read through all the amazing news provided to us by Benjamin A. Bock in yesterday’s post called The Blood Moon, please make sure to see the Notables. We are here to tell you what the MSM will never tell you.

Seek your own truths and watch who you follow.

Make sure you are keeping your mind open and always learning new information.

Pass along what is suitable to others at their level of awakening, if and when they ask.

A good refresher for how to effectively red pill others can be found in Red Pill 101: The Do’s and Dont’s of The Great Awakening.

While we take time to stay up on the news, it is always important to review what we have learned. There are two terrific movies listed in this review. The first is Samadhi – a pleasant must watch for all of us. The second one, A Thousand Pieces, featuring one of my most favorite human beings on earth, John DeSouza (aka, The Real Life Mulder 🛸) should be mandatory awakening material.

So melt your butter and grab your favorite blanket and enjoy the show!

🕉 Samadhi 🕉

2️⃣ Two Types of People 🎯

⛺️ Let Your Tribe Find You 🐴

🏃‍♀️ Endurance 🏋️

🪱 The Parasitic Invasion 🪱

📖 It’s Going To Be Biblical ✝️

🙏🏼 The Divine Wisdom of Will Power 🧠

⚖️ A Thousand Pieces 🇺🇸

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~ Dilara 05.27.21

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