How We All Feel

Walking ’round,

With our thoughts to ourself,

Having to painfully listen,

To everyone else,

Is this really happening?

We oft ask ourselves,


Waiting and waiting,

To open their eyes,

Wake up wake up,

From the slumber of lies,

Blisslessly mesmerized,

By the devil’s dirty sweet,

False lullabies,


Each day’s a little less easy,

To hear their ignorant cries,

Closing their ears,

Shutting their eyes,

Screaming what they’ve been fed,

Without any surprise,


The deeper you go,

The stranger the storm,

But nothing we did not,


From hundreds,

Or thousands,

Of years and some ago,


History lost,

Knowledge is power,

Why they kept us oppressed,

From their self-proclaimed towers,

Soon they will have to,

Run hide and cower,


Did not they know,

That pissing us off,

Only meant in the end,

We’d stick together,

Come back stronger,

Make them wish,

The end was longer?


Watching others,


While we the people bear the burden,

Of demonic alibis,

Can this all be real?

Is how we really feel,


Crazy people,

Can’t even listen,

Wont stop their hissin’,

Seething vulgarity unevenly keeled,

Blinded by their own demise,

Is how we all dejectedly feel,


I ask myself often,

Is this all for real?

Is the end of times now?

In our lifetime,

This timeline,

Tilting their wheel?


One nation,

One God,

One Heavenly Father,

Nothing can stop,

What’s coming from yonder,

We are winning,

We aren’t quitting,

We will prevail and stay united,

Is how we all really feel.

After all,

This is really,

The Art of the Deal.



God Bless America 🇺🇸

~ Copyright 2019 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved


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