Review Part #2: Flashback Friday

As we continue reviewing the articles in this blog, here is the next set of homework for newbies and review for seasoned anons!

Again, I stress the that You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿 and You Have Moar Than You Know!

This review appear in the order in which these relevant blog posts were created for your awakening.

Not Lost In Space

The Expansion of Human Consciousness

Behold a Grateful Heart Where We Go One…

Four Scores And A Five

Are We There Yet?

Waking the Collective Consciousness

How We All Feel

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~ Dilara 04.09.21

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  1. Dilara, thank you for your daily Great Awakening posts, scholarship and links. I only discovered your blog recently after seeing your interview on McAllister TV, which l really enjoyed. Since then l read you daily, you pull together so many ideas and so much information. I’ve been following geopolitics, military affairs and reading serious conspiracy theory, UFO, alt history and science literature for over 40 years. I discovered David lcke 10 years ago, although l originally dismissed many of his ideas as ridiculous, l’m now seeing them come true as the real nature of the world and malign influence of the Cabal is exposed. I have followed Q since they first began posting, and don’t believe that it’s a Larp, as Q says how many predictions have to come true before its a mathmatical impossibilty? We’re in the eye of the strom, thank you for shining a light.

  2. Hello Dilara

    My Name is Christa and I’ve been a fan of yours’s since the good old twitter day’s .I was kicked off permantely not long after the boss was booted off which was good I must have been spreading truth, don’t miss it. I was new to twitter back than it wasn’t so censored. I found you almost right away when I seen what you posted about Chris Cornell I never idolized anyone but Chris touched my soul and I never really new about his family life and that was my first deep dive into insane truth. You blew my mind and from there and I haven’t been the same since I have followed your blog every day since. So you are making a huge impact . I love your bluntness and faith in God. You put a lot of effort into this and it shows. I know your in Cali, I’m In Canada in a City 40 minutes outside of Toronto called Kitchener Waterloo. Population 800, 000 maybe more. I worked in Municipal Government here in town for 15 years in Social Services (Welfare/Disability) I wasn’t afraid to push Management to help the underdog. Well after 15 years management came after me and I took them to litigation and won, and 2 years ago popping pills that would knock me out normally just to have the courage to get to work due to the harassment. They broke me and I have been off on a work disability since the end of 2018. since .I lost a huge part of my identity because I loved helping people and I cant go back to work for a corrupt organization. I know your thinking get to the point already and I am. I’m sharing this with you because I know your a smart women and you have a background in law enforcement, and I’m not going to lie my tribe is my son, me and my dog that is it I’m not religious Dilara, I went to church and Sunday school as a kid, church camp(where I learned to smoke) blah blah blah. Well the bottom of the rabbit hole made me realize who has always been with me and I didn’t even know it, but I did because lets just say I should have been dead along time ago and something inside me just knows and I’ve never given up on my self or lost myself completely to addiction. I’m 48 supported to many losers and took me fucking long enough but all I want is to focus on is my son and get closer to God and focus on myself.

    So here I am bat shit crazy but not, my kid thinks I’m nuts, he doesn’t want to hear that I know Donald Trump Is The President and JFK is alive because I was sure he was going to be at the rally back in November, and that the timing just wasn’t right but he’s alive and this ones dead and he’s clone.. But Nothing Can Stop what is coming lol. He knows that I don’t participate in wearing a mask because he knows I’m right and this is our freedom. My city does not have any rallies at all, has 2 Universities and 1 College I am the only one I ever see when I go out without a mask on. I am surrounded in a city with a lot of fucking stupid people. I have been calling out the leadership in this town on line with the facts and I have never said anything about my employment I am a citizen calling out these assholes. I don’t use my picture but I they can see my name. They are fucking lying. I honestly don’t think people understand that our media is censored way more than the us. I don’t watch tv and for a while there I could feel like I was in two worlds until Id have to go out and see all the masks. I have to admit its taken along time to trust myself to go out in public because I didn’t know what the fuck was going to come flying out of my mouth. I cant be telling people they are fucking, killing and Eating us. We know that but baby steps. It’s stressful in this city because they are fucking stupid and buying this bullshit one year later. . I’m speechless about how you can put the truth right in front of people and that that this is not a vaccine and it will kill them, and that the truth is out there people ignore what’s right in front of them and are begging and bragging about getting their kill shot. Okay congratulations thousands died and thousands injured you survived the first round. Your dead in 5 years though. I asked God for a sign and one of the churches who are open and don’t care about the fines and are being harassed because they know who is returning seen me getting bashed on line and reached out and said if I needed my spirits lifted come and join them on Sunday. I’m going Sunday. So I will get to the point the last couple days I’ve been seeing a huge push on people getting the shot, I have called out many of are local leaders with no one returning or even opening what I send because if you attach after an email address it only lets me see that they read what I sent. I called the College of Physician’s and Surgeons today to make a complaint about the CPP bitch that gets paid almost $300, 000. They made a excuse that they don’t deal blah blah, everyone is guilty. I have been keeping an eye on the deaths in this town and we are not even showing some days no deaths, but I’m seeing a lot of young people that I know are fucking suicides and overdoses. I caught the Regional Bitch who is the one enforcing these uncalled for lockdowns on a live utube meeting today and I was able to send and I I know she seen it I said the cats out of the bag and she’s going to jail. Not even 20 seconds later it was over. I noticed it was my picture so I deleted right away, but she got the message. This is the 3rd full 30 day lock down. I know its going to be devastating and fucking hate them. So here I am not fully understanding why I know what I know and others cant or wont question anything when its right in front of them, but so many don’t know better and they are asking for their own genocide. I have asked God to use me, but I know we have 12 free masons lodges in this town, I’m not someone who would be missed. How cruel is this? I know a massive crime is being committed and I don’t know who to call. Do you think I should be careful? I’m so sorry for dumping all this on you. Don’t laugh but I called Mar-A-Lago today. I told them I know this is going to sound crazy but I’m calling from Canada and I’m in a city of almost a million people and I know Mr. Trump is the President and I knew what was happening in my city and I don’t know who to call but I trusted him or anyone associated with him. Well she put me through to his service and I fucking about shit my pants and mad at myself for not staying and writing out what I wanted to say. Again I’m sorry for going on and on. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I sign up for lots of knowledge and I got one today Convidential

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