Waking the Collective Consciousness

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time, of course!

This age old saying invokes contemplation when it comes to our collective consciousness.

And just what is collective consciousness?

Wikipedia (not my favorite source) defines the collective consciousness as “the set of shared beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society.”

The key in the definition is the word unifying.

But we will come back to unity at the end of this writing.

So how do you control (evil), change (neutral), or awaken (good) the world’s collective consciousness?

Like the elephant, one mind at a time.


Through ego and emotion, the propaganda machines of Edward Bernays have been manipulated by sadistic villains who have taken control of most people’s sense of self. This brilliantly evil-induced machine has stripped individuals of their ability to think for themselves.

Like fast food, fast thoughts have replaced critical thinking.

Popping a frozen meal into the microwave (radiating your food, and resulting in cancer over years of use) is much easier and effortless than making sure your body receives the proper nutrition, which requires time, effort and planning.

Who wants to waste time in this age of instant everything?

Those of us who are awake.

Those who want to think without effort have opted for the easier option of letting the cabal do the thinking for us at the risk of being mind-controlled without even realizing it. That’s the scary part: the people in the cave are watching the shadows and ridiculing the idea that there is a light outside of their dark, depressed and controlled minds.


And nothing can be more dangerous than mind control.

What makes it worse is that those are under the influence of these invisible societal drugs cannot accept that they are. It’s much easier for them to continue living the lie. It’s much harder to be around these people when you are indeed awake.


Fake food, cabal controlled cable channels and media sources, fake news and fake friends have led those who simply refuse to allow time to think for themselves into a world of cabalistic lies that has now sadly become their reality.

How are these people going to wake up?

Ironically most will not wake up, even in the face of the highest truths.

They walk like blind zombies and volunteer themselves daily as slaves to the disguised system they worship. Throw some God at them, and they become even more allergic. The super criminal syndicate controlling our food supply, our federal reserve, our entertainment “programming”, our media outlets, health care (or rather, death care), our environment and air quality has gone even a step further to convince us that they are not the enemy but the ones that are trying to free our minds when nothing can be further from the truth. These are the very evil bastards that MSM tells us to love. If you allow the MSM to do your thinking for you, well you might as well pick up the shovel and start digging your grave now.

And how easily they do it!

Evil genius!

So how do you break free?


First step is to start asking questions.


Disconnect from poisons, programming, and pathetic news sources. Watch out for liars. Don’t buy the bullshit. Don’t donate to people trying to charge you for information. They are not pure of heart. You cannot serve two masters. Truth is free and is freedom. Do your own research. Stop believing in what Google spits out every time you ask a question. Basing your research on Snopes is well, without apology, for dopes.

Time is not on your side.

What if we are wrong about our current main stream media, or even alternative media beliefs?

Can your ego handle being wrong?

Bossy woman. Selfish girl. Egoist.

Most scream, cry and laugh at the uncontrolled mercy of emotional satisfactions. Slaves. That’s what we become when we let emotions and reactions rule our lives. Many people choose to simply block information they don’t like to hear.

That’s as smart as closing your ears and laying down on the tracks when someone you don’t like yells “TRAIN COMING!”

Train Run Over

Can’t control your thoughts, emotions or diet?

It’s all a matter of will power.

Don’t have any?

Get some.

At the crudest level, will power is what stops you from running a red light. Will power is what hinders you from quitting when you’re halfway through the race. Will power is what allows you to win, and the lack of it is for losers on every level.

How can you develop your will power?

There are many ways, many avenues. Physical exercise is  great way to strengthen not only your body but your mind. It’s also free. You can start by talking a walk at a regular time daily. There are an infinite number of ways to strengthen the will, but the first and foremost step is to decide you will no longer be a slave to your senses.

Too much of anything is no bueno.

Ever heard of the saying, “everything in moderation”?

That’s basically saying, build up your will power to resist temptation. Don’t be a victim to fast food, fast love, fast results or fast money. Rome did not get built in a day. Patience is a virtue. We can keep going with these sayings forever, but until we grasp their deeper nature and take action (not just say we are going to take action), our will power, like an unused muscle, will atrophy and lose power.

Work will power like a muscle and watch the results of your life increase in outcome and decrease in effort. Depression, weight gain and your bad health can all improve and disappear with this one simple tool.

It is not until we accept the responsibility to our self; to strengthen our minds in order to accept FACTS that have been hidden from humanity for centuries that we will be able to fully awaken to our true nature, our higher purpose. Human beings, after all, are made in His image to radiate Love and Light.

Hatred and anger are the tools of the enemy and are short lived.

Is the cause you are supporting based on rage and anger? If so, you are on the wrong team. Time to run, not walk, away.

Imagine how you will feel when you find out you are wrong. Imagine, for a moment, in the past when you have been wrong (for we have all been wrong at one point or more in our lives). How did you feel? Do you want to keep living in a world of wrong? Do you want to cut off the very branch of truth you are still sitting on? Your fall won’t be pretty.

Cutting the branch your sitting on

We talked about unity at the beginning of this article.

Unifying is powerful. Division is destructive. Before we unite, however, we must determine that we are truly uniting with comrades, not commies. We must be able to discern who our enemy is, as the enemy is often disguised in mass media and mass everything. Faster food, faster results yield to faster demise.

Take it slow, steady and easy. The walk of truth is for those who are brave enough to walk alone, if necessary.


When you find that you are able to walk alone, you will find that you are not alone. That many others are walking the truth with you.

The collective consciousness is how the masses are either controlled or how the masses can control themselves. Wake up people. It’s time, now or never.

The ones who can open their eyes, lay down their egos and stop buying into the mind control will be the ones to welcome the age of enlightenment that awaits humanity.

I say it all the time, but I can’t say it enough:


You don’t have to be into religion or of a particular faith to understand the message here.

The truth, indeed will set you free.

But it will only do so if you are able to see and accept it.

And you can’t make another see it or accept it. Each and every person has to see and accept it for their own self.

If someone is doing this, move on. They are not able to handle reality yet, or ever.


But there are people who can and are willing to save themselves.

They will find you, you don’t need to go looking for them.

Law of attraction. Let is work for you.

This life is about learning, and evolving. Closing your ears just because you don’t “like” someone or something is truly hurting yourself.

Learning Never Ends

Until we all wake up, we are going nowhere.

It is our duty to ourselves to evolve, not devolve.


Copyright 2019 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

*Not all images are property of the author.

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  1. Really great article! Thank you so much for putting it out there, I sure hope folks pick up on this. I know some of those poor folks you speak of who really don’t know what’s happening. It’s really sad for them. I hope they get jolted awake sometime. Unfortunately, I think it’s going to be such a gradual awakening, as not to shock the masses. They’re going to make us wait. The ones who already know what’s coming.

  2. What an amazing biography. I follow you on Twitter because you are so honest and spread what’s really going on. I plan on reading all your articles. Thank You.

  3. Why do the sleepers have to be gradually awakened? I was shocked when I woke up and you know so were the rest of you. We are still alive and breathing. It’s ridiculous that we have to hold their hands and baby them when most aren’t going to wake up. These sleepers need to get a pair! Those of us who woke up have been through a lot of shit dealing with the insults and shitty looks when we don’t wear the mask.

    The awakening ones have balls of steel !!! Do we really want these weak cry babies involved with the new earth. I agree with Darwin, this is definitely about survival of the fittest and the fittest means the ones with the biggest balls . God Bless see u on the new earth 🙏✝️

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