Where We Go One…

They thought that one day,
All that would be left,
Would be ashes and stones,
Post apocalyptic left over limbs,
Of celebrity clones,

That’s what they had planned,
The end for all of us,
Sandbags and guillotines,
Things that even your worst nightmares,
Have never seen,

No one was looking,
No one questioned them,
Their plan was working,
Had it not been,

For one man,
One nation,
Under God,
Together we stand,

No demon can cloud,
The hearts of the pure,
No dollar amount can ever lure,
The selfless, the true,

The many slept on,
And so many tried,
So desperately to get them,
To open their eyes,

But the Kool Aid was done,
The devil had won,
His minions,
By the millions,

Judgment clouded,
Knowledge shrouded,
They blindly followed,
Minds emptied and hollowed,

Many are called,
Few will be chosen,
So it was written,
The end times of lore,
Quoth the raven,

Tic Toc,
The clock,
Was running out of time,
Faster than the speed of light,
Following that special sound,
Turning the world right side up,
The Lord was coming back ’round,

One nation,
Under God,
We laid down the law,
Picked up our guns,
Knew the wicked had nowhere to run,
This party was over,
Before it had begun,

‘Tis the rise of America,
And the Luciferian fall,
Freedom, liberty and justice,
Where we go one,
We go all!

~ Copyright 2019 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved


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