Not Lost In Space

Around 2:30 pm every weekday, I would come home after school to one of Grandma’s wonderful afternoon snacks and of course, our favorite reruns of Lost in Space.

The idea of civilian space travel was pure science fiction in 1976.


But as a child with a vivid imaginatoin during that era, Grandma and I would often fall asleep to thoughts of space travel. I often quietly wondered just how many people were stuck out among the starry nighttime skies, floating around star systems, trying to navigate their way back home to beautiful planet Earth.


For those of you who recall this old show from the mid 1900’s (and for those of you who just had to look it up online), even the Jupiter (the eternally lost spaceship) had a shill onboard: The infamous and anti-legendary Dr. Smith, played by the late Jonathan Harris.

Grandma always warned me about real-life villains like Dr. Smith who, instead of leading a crew of selflessly vagabond American homebound patriots, was always out for his best interests – his ego was at large, even in space.


As we have seen with our own eyes in these great times of disclosure, a controlled, solitary narrative is often dangerous and bound to distort the one reality that we are seeking: The Platonic truth.

Had the crew of the Jupiter listened exclusively to the self-promoting, cowardly shillery of  Dr. Smith, they would remain lost in space forever. Kind of like we were lost in the lies of the cabal seemingly, forever.


Just when Grandma and I had seen all the reruns of the reruns of this kitschy crew, 1977 happened and changed the world, including mine, forever.

The only person who was willing to take me to see Star Wars was my uncle. I remember the excitement with which I sat at the edge of my seat as the credits and story seemed to lead me into a star system that seemed strangely familiar to a seven year old little girl.

Needless to say, the next day at school all the girls were Princess Leia and all the boys were Luke Skywalker. No one was Darth Vader.

I worried night after night, about my home planet one day, getting blown into pieces. I would fall asleep, waiting for the Jupiter or better yet, the Millennium Falcon to land in my backyard and take me away from my very own Tatooine.


But that was 1977.

Fast forward to 2018 and the controlled media narrative (controlled by the ruling 13, actually, 14; actually 15) bloodlines has turned villains into heroes and false idols.

As David Icke puts it, all the devil really is is a distortion of God. Everything beautiful is ugly. Everything natural is unnatural. Things that are wrong are presented as correct or right by the darker force. Like pedophelia. Like Transgenderism. Like mumble rap. Like almost everything Hollywood.

The devil’s favorite tool is inversion. To make everything beautiful, ugly. Mirrors are important, or so we are learning. A mirror is never the real image but a distorted reality. What you see is not necessarily what you are getting.

In fact, that is the favorite trick of the trickster – to make you think your eating healthy, but feed you poison. To make you think your water is clean and just hydrogen and oxygen loaded with birth control pills. To make you think your air is clean while they put all sorts of DNA-altering, disease-causing crap into the jet stream through chem trails.

But the one thing the cabal and the devil often forgets, and surely resents, is what this seven plus forty year old has been fascinated by her entire life: the Force.

In 1977, I made it my mission to understand this force. In the years to come, I read every religious, historical, philosophical, astronomical, and physics book I could get my hands on.

Opening my mind early allowed me to see past the dogmas and corruption behind man-made religion and philosophies. The real truth is not so hidden in the teachings of early saints, Christ and ancient writings we are just learning to decipher.

The real truth is God. 

The teachings of Jesus Christ are truths.

There are many scientific truths that we have yet to learn since academia (also controlled by the cabal) has been lost in the space of our minds with purposeful, misinformation.

No longer are we at the mercy of feeling lost in space, or lost in mass media madness. Online social media created by the cabal has backfired, turned against them, and we the people are waking up.

In fact, Q Anon recently told us that “the world is about to change.”

I knew it would.

America’s Space Force is here.

The Space Force.

The Force.

May it be with you.


Text Copyright 2018 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

(Images are not property of the author.)


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  1. I Love your blog Dilara !! Especially the important meme !! Not Lost in space is awesome !! Praise Jesus !!

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