We The People Demand Freedom From Stupid Sheeple!

We are burnt out — but there is a reason.

Last night, I put out a podcast called A Message To The White Hats.

I still feel that way.

I understand that this is way bigger than we can imagine!


You need to keep the people happy. WE THE PEOPLE ARE SICK OF THIS SHIT SHOW. It’a like a painful rerun of a bad 80s sit com and you are sick of eating the same bag of stale, old, unsalted popcorn. We are down to the tooth breaking kernels folks, and the theater workers have quit, went home and there is no more of the show to watch! We are no longer willing to participate in this shitty society with these shitty people and their shitty masks!

From Navy Seals to frontline doctors, RN’s, and other first responders, people are refusing to take the vaccine and are quitting their jobs. I am one of these people! I refuse to work with dumbtards and the The Walking, Shedding Jabbers!

What in the world are truth tellers and those who stand for God to do?

We can’t work in the matrix. And are we supposed to hold out for another few years of this fake Biden presidency?

What about the American people?

We understand that This Is Not Another Four Year Election and that The Best is Yet To Come! but come on! Let’s face it: this is going on too long for those of us up here who cannot go to work! Insanity at this point! You have got to feed the people if you want them to survive the storm we are going through.

There is no option to take a vaccine! There is no way to go backwards!

Time to roll out the cast members pull the friggin bandaid off and SHOW these morons the truth! They will never wake up. They are dumb. That is the truth. You can’t make them smart! Ever!

So, check out tonight’s podcast that I’m about to spew out!

And as for Potus? You can always trust him! I have some anons here who are doubting Potus – but do not doubt him! Promises made, promises kept, right? We the public need some friggin’ help! No way we can keep this up with no jobs without vaxxes, kids getting jabbed for choosing colleges or schools – or sleeping sheeptards out there who are watching CNN!

The White Hats have to alleviate some of this insanity that is effecting all of us!

Sheep No More!

They need to listen to We The People – we demand freedom this all of these lies!

Enough Is Enough!

😡 ⚖️ 😡 ⚖️ 😡

Tune into a fistful of truth here:


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~ Dilara 10.02.21

🙏🏼 ♥️ ⚖️

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  1. Caution to anyone who surmises Our frustration as a wavering of Our Faith…..
    I pray that we all remain strong in our Faith in Father God…Yes we are suffering Father but Your will be done Father…Please continue to place Your hedge of Protection around our sister Ms. Dilara as she continues to unselfishly carry out Your will Father…Amen

    Faith Without Works Is Dead

    14 What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him?
    James 2:14

  2. Dilara

    You are a true joy to listen to and read, thank you immensely for your knowledge, intellect and excellent communication skills, you always provide a thought-provoking and simultaneously entertaining experience. You are a beautiful and wonderful human being, please keep up the excellent work, you are keeping my entire family’s frequency up with your commentary and also for providing a little levity in such tough times. I agree 200 percent it is far past time for the white hats to act. I trust and believe in Source and the plan, but after finding out we were all lied to forever, even the Bible was altered and soul traps were tricking souls into returning with false images of God, it is SO hard to not get upset at this plan having no big main stream or obvious events that are for the whole world to see, they keep saying it is God’s timing but the events going on are beyond all human patience. I hope and pray this starts before mid October or I feel people will take this in their own hands and that will feed into the bad guys side. Come on military come on Whitt Hats, ACT NOW Please!!!! Thanks and we all love you,



    • Thank you Chris. I sooooo needed to hear that. I often sit here and wonder omg – I can’t believe I’m doing this. But for God, there is no other way I would still be here! It helps me to know that I am reaching someone out there and that it’s making a difference, even if ever so slight. Ya, I’m dont with the patience part. We are losing health, homes, everything. This is straight up BS!

      Thank you for your kind words and heartfelt message. I hope that I can keep this up and keep helping! Godspeed!

  3. I’ve been saying this a lot recently… if they don’t hurry things up and start making things and their moves VERY public, they’re going to lose a lot of support… and even worse, some will choose to take the *vacation* and go back to sleep ex. taking the blue pill, like that one guy did in the first Matrix. He knew that steak was fake, but dang it tastes so good. Life is honestly easier that way. It’s a sad truth. & if the White Hats don’t do something soon, I’m sorry to say but… we may have been duped. I heard Mr. T say he got the Fizer… and is still pushing the *vacation*. It’s sad. I’m almost ready to start believing that “Trust The Plan” was created to make people sit in their armchairs and depend on some invisible group of people to save them. Idk. I’m at my wits end and if they don’t hurry it up, they will have lost me and my support, just like Bernie lost mine back in 2016 when he really “burned” me and the rest of his supporters thus creating #WalkAway movement. I don’t think I trust anyone in politics at all anymore. None of them care for us. I have 5% tolerance left, after that, I’m unfollowing everyone talking about this stuff and turning away from this movement, as there is no movement. I guess the truth is there are demonic, cannibalistic, perverts running the world out there and I guess we just have to accept that and let them live how they’d like to. That’s what it seems like the White Hats are doing anyways. Just let bigons be bigons… right? I really don’t want that to be true. Welp… I’ll continue to follow God, and fight for what’s right, but I refuse to be grifted any more. THANK YOU for actually standing up for us and not just regurgitating more fake news… these paytriots are starting to be just as bad as CNN. Yikes. God bless you and… If they don’t fix this world, I guess I’ll see you on the other side.

      • Thanks Diliara. Sorry if I sounded like such a downer on that what but I just had to release some of that pressure. Thanks for being understanding. I’m with you all the way and I feel your frustrations… I just wanted to make sure you didn’t feel alone in that. I really hope the good guys do read this and the comments. Anyways, I’m not giving up faith in God and I’ll never stop fighting and speaking on the truths of the political and entertainment industries. I’ll never stop fighting fit what is right. I’m still praying that there is a plan, ultimately. Remember, I still have 5% tolerance left… who knows how long that 5% will stick around. 😉 I’m not totally ready to give up yet, I don’t accept defeat that easily. I’ve been studying and researching the illuminati since 2011 and I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet. & ive been keeping a close eye on the T Train since 2015, and the 17th letter shortly after. We’ve all been out of the Matrix for a very long time… let’s just stay strong and keep fighting. Thanks for listening to my frustrations. We won’t give up the fight!! Not yet!! ❤

  4. Thanks For the rant Dilara! We are all feeling the same way! I was so happy to hear this message!!! God bless you.🙏🏻

  5. We are now 11 months into this debacle and I have tried to remain strong and patient, but I don’t have endless resources and, while there has been some awakening among Biden voters, I’m firmly convinced that those who have some form of sanity are quite aware of the farce occupying the WH. If the military is in charge, commandeer all communication and start disclosure and tribunals. Those who accused DJT of being a dictator are blind to the fact that it’s the ones who speak into Robot Joe’s earpiece and occupy 3 letter agencies, Congress, Senate, and the Judicial System that are the true tyrants. Only a purge will work now since the wicked have been given over to a reprobate mind. DJT allowed them to redeem themselves, as God does, but it has proven fruitless. It’s time for us to usurp the bogus #MeToo mantra of “Time’s Up!”.

  6. Agreed, sister! I truly do believe this is all fake, even a lot of the “deaths”, but too many of them are real…and what is the deal with Trump and his continuing to glorify of the jab? I am sick of that, too! We have been part of the Great Awakening almost since the beginning and besides looking like idiots to all those we TRY to wake up, I am just plain ole sick of this crap, all of it! And now we are going to have to participate in the contrived shortages coming, too? You really think folks are going to sit back and let their families go hungry while we wait for white hats to move? Or even worse, let these demons rob, kill and steal our families? I’m with you, if people haven’t awakened by now, they aren’t going to.
    “They” keep telling us not to pick up arms and/or start a civil war…well then, “they” had better come up with something to stop this insanity or that is exactly what is going to happen.
    God Bless!

  7. What angers me is the assumption that most aren’t “ready” for the reveal/info/truth… YES, WE ARE, and there’s always a faction that never will be. To dang bad, people need to get tough and hear the truth. Enough of waiting, spill the truth, WHITE HATS, let people know how ugly their asinine leaders are, and make THOSE LOSERS have to run for THEIR LIVES. No more power grabbing, and forcing unconstitutional mandates.

  8. Dilara

    With any luck this will cheer you up.

    Galactic Informers Roundtable with Alex Collier, Elena Danaan, Megan Rose and Dani Henderson

    I’m a big fan of Alex Collier, he comes on right after the 50 minute point.

    A the 55:55 minute mark

    Alex – “(Mornay) he said that there were only four moves left and that the primary date of Sept 25th to Oct 17th many things were going to occur and that by the end of October will certainly… by the end of October we should clearly know in which direction humanity’s going and that by somewhere around the middle of December, before Christmas, this should be over. In other words the battle between the light and the dark at that point will just be cleaning up, rounding up, tribunals, things of that nature, but the war itself would be over.”

    • You probably already know this but if not, Elana and Megan both communicate intel to Dr. Michael Salla at exopolitics.org. Have been following him for years and the latest reports are compelling. The positive encouragement is uplifting. Thanks for posting this video. I too, am a big fan of Alex Collier.

  9. Thank you both, Delara & Linda. I too live behind enemy lines in Emperor Nero’s Gulag. NOT happy and still waiting. NOT scared as we are all SOVEREIGN. Been holding the line since the beginning. Not giving up BUT we are as far as we are going to getting with any more awakening. Please consider watching ALEX COLLIER on this link. Fast Forward 54 minutes for ALEX. Extremely positive message. Watch it!!!! https://youtu.be/TpqR5c4Qi6g

  10. I think we are at that part of the show where we can accurately say, “The suspense is killing me.” Well, nearly. Something has to give bc our lives and livelihood is being pushed to the edge …and we normies are on edge of seats. Could someone please pull back the curtain? Thank you, Dilara for your continued pursuit of truth and love and fortitude. You have put it all on the line and I hope you know so many are right there with you. Thank you.

  11. Omg Dilara, I am so right there with you. I have the exact same sentiments as you and Linda. I am done, just so done. I don’t want to hear any more bullshit. I know enough as I too have been following the fuckery of these people since before Trump got elected. My trip down the rabbit hole began with the financial world and expanded. I have tried to talk to some people also and it’s like talking to a wall. I am at the point where I want to join the firing squad myself just to get this shit over with. Living with low-grade stress over a long period of time is detrimental not only to physical but mental health. Enough is enough. They keep saying we aren’t ready for this show, well let me tell you I am bloody ready. I know about the aliens, about the unfathomable torture of the children, how we have been robbed, clones, alternate realities, ghosts, mind control, etc and I am not phased. It doesn’t horrify me it makes me seething angry. There is not much at this point that you could throw at me that is going to cause my mind to melt. Thank you for all you do and I do so hope you feel better soon.

    God Bless,

  12. Just an opinion.

    It feels like it’s time for those who are awake – and have formed their own inner instinctual guidance – to remove themselves from the storylines which are playing out, in order to stay centred and balanced. The Archons play all sides – feeding off our emotional swings as we pendulum ourselves to and fro. When centred, then we retain the energy. And we need it. We need the spiritual fat or fuel to escape this matrix. The good book tells us to keep our lanterns filled, conserving oil for our own salvation, AND to stay indoors during these times of the great indignation, when the sleeping masses awaken and provide a gigantic ‘Last Supper’ for the Archons as the truth is disclosed and the cognitive dissonance turns into rage, vengeance, wrath, anger. i.e. Loosh. They will feast on this and take down all of those who fall to their lower vibration. My sheep are lost for lack of knowledge.

    After all these years, we need to find a new way to focus so that we be ‘in’ the world, but not ‘of’ it. Not fighting daily battles where our emotions and outrages are plucked. Distancing ourselves does not mean we don’t care, and we can’t let the guilt of staying ‘balanced and controlled’ lull us into the idea that we must express rage etc in order to combat the matrix. That’s the matrix. That’s how it works. If our instinct is to go and rage and shed blood, then that tells me that that is precisely what the matrix wants. We need to see its patterns, and do the opposite. Everything here is 180 degrees about face. If people are being enraged….then seek peace via understanding as to what is going on, what they want from us. Our emotions are not our friends. Our minds are programmed. The only truth we have access to is when we go inside, and to do that we must be quiet and go inwards. That voice is so subtle, but it’s our lifeline I feel.

    We know the truth. We know how terrible it is. More that we don’t know will be revealed, but we must hold that centred position and starve the beast. When a ship goes down, so do those who cling to it.
    War Games – “A strange game. The only winning move, is not to play.”

    Just an opinion.

  13. Hello Dilara,
    Yes we are all fed up. First it was 02/14, then Easter, and on and on. It’s not so bad if we got fed info monthly to let us and the sleeping sheep wake up. My view is that they found all this gold and money in the dumbs. Why haven’t they made a TV channel strictly to wake up the sleepers. Just this example is why I believe of the untrust. This war, who is stronger DS/WH. They’re both doing the same to us with broken promises, at least we feel this way. Broken promises all our lives and it’s still going on. Gesara/Nesara is NOT the issue here. It’s our daily lives that’s the issue.
    Love you, Snarky, Sarge ❤️💯.

  14. 3 people in our community committed suicide, 1 attempt by her grandfather, haven’t been home for 19 months spent 6 months on the road when this started (which is unheard-of) her batch mate 40is 3 weeks ago not feeling well hospialt 3 days later ventilator dead, neighbor final go green light to go see his wife and kids but only after jab, that night got very sick after 1st shot hospital next day dead 2 days. We had same choice I said no, I would gamble with my life but not hers. I’m a trucker with the long haul miles I’ve done I’d see a rest area sign 2 miles ahead next rest area 40 miles I’d light a smoke and keep going. I don’t think I’ll ever make it home but I won’t tell her that, got 2 farms now which will be free and clear for the kids……Goodluck (this is the real reason we wanted arrest from the beginning)

  15. Your actually all Navy Seals they don’t look at just marksmanship, (indurance)Seals , SAS they look for people who keep going….as a kid always wanted to be a soldier, now I just want to be a farmer…

  16. I used to really trust the WH’s and 45, but now not so much. 45 is talking about the same things we’ve known for a long time in his rallies and give some pep talk to make us all feel good. I’m beginning to think that we are being played by both sides, like the good cop bad cop shtick we see in movies. The fraud administration are breaking laws after laws and disregarding the US constitutional rights of Americans while our side has to follow all the rules to fight them.
    If Maricopa County took this long to audit their election, how long do we think it’s going to take auditing the rest of the country. It may take up to 2024 and beyond before we will all know the results and by then this country will be a part of China.
    It says in the Bible, “Trust God, not man.” To know that Almighty God is absolutely and totally in control is what makes me go on living. Waiting for the “cavalry” to come and save us is just foolish IMO.

    • Well there sir, that is a GREAT comment. I do, however trust 45 and know and trust that this plan IS in action – BUT it’s just dragging on toooooo long. And yes, I hope you have a glass of whisky with ya after all that. They are still taking down this cabal – its a MASSIVE effort but they CANT leave us in the friggin dark like this no way!!!!!!! WE THE PEOPLE ARE FED THE F UP! Thank you Sir for your honesty. #WWG1WGA (with GOD!) amen!

      • Thank you Dilara for taking time to reply to my comment. I listen to both of you and Linda and I thank God that both of you are there to encourage us. Take care always my sister in Christ 😀

  17. Hi Dilara. I so appreciate your white hat message. Those of us who are watching, waiting and trying are feeling it. It’s getting harder. It makes me realize how lucky I am to have grown up with parents who never told me it was wrong to have my own opinion. I am frustrated with the white hats myself, even as I am thankful for them. It’s hard. I’ve been waiting for 8 years and I’m tired and falling apart. I wish, as well, they would just give us some help with a boom of some kind that would force people to come to their own conclusions without the news. I have been trying to be brave and “spread the word” in the most cautious way I can so as to not scare people off, but to no avail, mostly. Still, I’ve tried to the point where I’m starting to feel foolish for my efforts. People refuse to help themselves and I cant continue to allow myself to feel guilty for not getting through to them. I’m starting to just wish they’d cause a supply chain shortage on ketchup for their fries if that’s the only thing that would get people to notice somethings wrong in the world. I need to know something’s around the corner, for people to connect the dots with what I just told them, or I’m wasting my time. We are running out of time to be able to help the movement if they don’t push something into visibility. They are dripping on our heads like Chinese water torture, but have missed the mark, so far, on the people that need it. Being patient is one thing, but those of us who have not much left are getting more than irritated with what feels like pressure or guilt trips by wealthy white hats telling us it’s up to us to fight a battle, spread the word and get people prepared, when they don’t offer much proof to back us up in front of the world. Do they get that? They haven’t done anything weird enough to get people to take a minute and look up a even one thing. People wont watch videos without famous people, or dancing animals, –that’s what the sleeping audience watches. It has to be instant gratification and not more scary than what they already are experiencing. They don’t want to hear about anything more distressing or weird from us, they already are at their limit for distressing experiences. That’s our country, under the cabal, unfortunately. The people who are being hurt have been in hamster wheels so long they don’t know anything else, they want to be entertained and distracted out of their misery while they can multi task and eat dinner. Do they get that? America is numb. America has no time. We have bills to pay and aches and pains. Cancer to fight. Loved ones to bury. I know this isn’t based in reality but I wish something along the lines of taking the ketchup away, or double shot lattes, something that won’t starve them, would happen because McDonald’s is their only “break today” to catch anything is amiss. They have no faith in government if they do have any shred of understanding. They turn to celebrities for a world that’s beyond making ends meet. They need a crazy scandal to be interested and it has to be at the click of one button while being able to eat a hamburger. Push on celebrities harder. They have the money and time to do this. Not us, we are losing our families and jobs. We need fast, funny or shocking and we need it now.! I wish they would reach Americans in the places they escape to, we are too numb to constant, pelting atrocities in the real world. We are used to pain everyday and have built incredible options for escape around us, that’s where to find Americans. White hats, please listen to us! Thank you Dilara, for all you do, I listen to you and Linda often for guidance and relief from feeling isolated amongst so many people because of my beliefs. Thank you for your honesty. God Bless You!!.

  18. Hi there Dilara
    Happy to have a community where we can go and not always feel like the crazy one.
    I know we all keep hearing this…. we may be certain of our intuitions and know it in our hearts, but if we do not get a crumb of hard copy proof to share with those that are half awake I see them slipping back to the comfort of that denial bubble ( this is my husband) He wasn’t going to do the vac thing but now his work is mandating it and he says they can do what they want!! ?? He is in the essential food and farm processing industry that actually brings real food to our table. I was taught to accept the things we can’t control but can we take control?
    Thx for being close by Dilara and everyone here.

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