Watch Who You Follow

I have been trying to upload this quick video all day but my internet is being attacked! Of course! The Truth Hurts.

Be Careful Who You Follow.



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~ Dilara 09.30.21

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  1. Dear Dilara, I appreciate so much your dedication and perseverance and sharing it with us all. One of the lifelines those of us who are isolated have is patriots like you who stand up and speak.
    Like all of my father’s side of the family, my father worked for the Rockefellers. He was given scholarships and fellowships to get degrees in hospital pharmacy and became one of Canada’s most prominent pharmacy figures.

    He was also a Christian and I can only assume he was mind controlled because he was twice hospitalized, once for 6 weeks as a quarantine measure during a scarlet fever outbreak during which he was given craft supplies and produced a copper 3 dimensional picture of Mickey Mouse. The second episode occurred when we moved to Montreal, far from all family and he was the pharmacy head for the Royal Victoria Hospital and it’s adjunct The Allen Institute, both in Montreal. The Allen institute, along with Guelph University are big MKULTRA strongholds.

    I myself had my voice surgically removed under the guise of tonsillitis as a condition of entering school. At that time I had been singing at events such as weddings, churches, etc.
    When I was 4 I sang The Lord’s Prayer a capella at Moody Bible Church in Chicago. It may have been broadcast nationally.
    That was one of 22 gigs I had before I was 5 and a half.

    I lived in Los Angeles area from 1978 until 1991. I know so much that I didn’t know at the time.

  2. Hey girl. How on earth DO we know who to follow??
    There is sooo much BS out there right now, it’s not even funny.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I think Charlie Ward, Juan o savin are bs artists and gene decode is mostly out to lunch … the sincere truthers were fed a line of nonsense by supposed white hats imo

  4. Thank you for sharing your frustrations with the “white hats” Please keep voicing this frustration to get the others to start the small drip of frustrations to a waterfall. These effing white hats are playing games with our lives.

    #45 has completely abandoned his post that we gave him, it’s almost a year later!!!. This MUST end. Keep the pressure on to get the rest of the mind numbed robotic Q broadcasters to start losing their patience and make it known how they are sick and tired as well. If they keep regurgitating Q drops and clues till we are blue in the face the white hats are just going to leave things as they are.

    We ALL must lose patience with this “now” stupid show to get some True forward movement. Durham, Powell, Lindell, Wood, Guiliani, AZ audit, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Forcing us to look at Byedan now for 10 months is messing with our heads now. The mask wearers and the vaxxed are gone, are they trying to make us crazy too, putting up with an administration of idiots?

    A “dead” guy that probably won 1 state out of 50 and no more than 20% of the US, leaving Trump with 80% is our current FAKE PRESIDENT!!!! HOW MUCH LONGER WHITE HATS BEFORE THE GREAT REVEAL? MAYBE 2047, DOES THAT WORK FOR YOU GETTING THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH OUT THEN? When no one will care, we will be in FEMA camps OR DEAD, because you don’t have the stones to get them the “eff” off of our planet and out of our lives!!!!!!

    God has put the ball in your hands White Hats, He gave you a plan White Hats, He has told you what you MUST do and you are dragging your feet for fear of loss of life. When God says, “destroy everything” and don’t bring ANYTHING back, He means that!!!! God has done everything, put you in a position to win, it’s past praying, we’ve already prayed BIG TIME for an outcome of truth, freedom and JUSTICE!!!! You White Hats have a mission from God. Now go out and do it, casualties be DAMNED!!!!

    From the Art Of War since Trump likes that so much.

    1. Appear weak when you are actually strong. (We’ve had enough of this one, kick some ass NOW)

    2. There is NO instance of a nation benefitting from PROLONGED WARFARE. (Hey White Hats, does this one mean anything to you?)

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