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  1. Yep, when the Twitter purge happened, and everyone went to Parler, which unbeknown to us was based on Amazon servers, and then they were taken down. At that point, I didn’t like seeing what was going on with Bongino. Bet he knows sooo much bout Obamas, that he should be spilling, if he was a true journalist and patriot. And, then rumors that he was going to take over for Rush, but that didn’t happen. Alot of questions need answers, Dan!

  2. I remember when Geraldo was considered part of the Counter-culture. Back in the early 1970s he hosted a late night talk show on ABC called “Good Night America”. As with everything that used to be Counter-culture, Geraldo has to deal with the fact that he’s Establishment and on FOX News. It’s like that with everything that used to be “cutting edge”. The pendulum has swung and it hasn’t been kind to the relics like Geraldo that are still around. Pete Townshend nailed it for that generation when he wrote “Hope I die before I get old”. He’s still around and licensed one of his songs for a Walmart commercial.

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