This Is Not Another Four Year Election

As we celebrated DJT’s birthday on Monday with the sun in Gemini, All Eyez On Potus !

Have all of you realized that this is not another four year election?

Power returned to the people.

Long term solutions.


What does all of this mean?

Of course, there are always multiple meanings.

These four years from 2020-2024 will be spent showing the idiotic programmed masses out there the truth, in crumbs that they can frankly choke on at this point.

They have had enough time.

We don’t need to wait for them.

Start doing what you want, living like you want.

We wil be the break away civiliaztions while these masked rats still struggle to hang on to the cliffs of their crumbling matrix.

If the truth is going to kill them, let them die.

Time to slash, burn and cut the dead weight in the fields of human consciousness.

Remember, it’s not about your age, race, creed or social status: it’s about your ability to shift your belief patterns, unplug from this archonian matrix, and free yourself.

Change Yourself and Let Your Tribe Find You.

We still have a ways to go so you better get used to holding the line!

Godspeed patriots!

🇺🇸 #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸


Online reports of people in Paraguay protesting at the deaths of 80 people after being ‘vaccinated’


Biden Admin Unveils Strategy to Fight Domestic Terrorism, Names Biggest Threats


Check out John DeSouza from The Real Life Mulder 🛸

NEW – Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters says “f**k you” to Facebook’s offer to use “Another Brick in the Wall” song for a marketing campaign, calls Zuckerberg “one of the most powerful idiots in the world”





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Happy Birthday 2Pac!

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~ Dilara 06.16.21

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