The Blog is Back and Better Than Ever!

Welcome back to the old blog format, well kind of.

At the beginning of the great Twitter purge earlier this year, many amazing anons took to the daily effort of bringing you the top news articles that were really happening since Big Tech was censoring so many of us including our duly elected President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

But once we all realized that that You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿, and that The Military Is In Control!, there is not much more explanations needed. It quickly becomes apparent why This Is Not Another Four Year Election: because we need this time to implement the real Restoration of The Republic.

As most wondered What Is Going On?, we realize that ARRESTS ARE HABBENING and that most are Going To Gitmo but under the guise of an operation called Covid (a virus turned against the cabal and now being used to clean up this criminal organized crime syndicate. Good riddance!).

During this time, Potus and friends can help fix our nation’s infrastructure and rid us of The Invisible Enemy.

There Is No Escape and Supernatural Justice! will be served.

In the meantime, we are returning to a blog format where you get a condensed version of daily truths, memes, comics and whatever is important on that day.

All of these blogs and entries are freshly pressed and nothing is pre planned or orchestrated.

We work for God.

We are His army.

God bless you patriots!

Stay The Course and #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸


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Massive ‘Horse’ Lies About Nobel Prize Winning Treatment



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Also, thank you all for your comments. I love hearing from all of you – it’s one of my favorite parts about this blog. Your feedback and insights and unity. God bless you all. Love you all. 

~ Dilara 09.13.21

🙏🏼 ♥️ ⚖️

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  1. Thank you Dilara for your incredible efforts. I met you on Twitter, and was also kicked of twice. I’m so happy to be able to continue following you here.
    Love your podcast!
    You are one of the most realistic people I know.
    In the Netherlands it’s getting a bit awkward, so many sheep. Totally brainwashed.
    The cognitive dissonance is especially in the academic s.
    They try to convince everyone who’s not taking the jab, is mental and a danger for society.
    But luckily there are protests and like me, there are stubborn types who try to be just calm. And search for information worldwide for knowledge .


    Thank you for being you.

      • This is addressed to Lyjo,
        Thank You for standing your ground in what appears to be very one sided circumstances. I can’t help but be inspired by your individualism and your persistence in finding the truth. Thank you for your words of inspiration. And aren’t we all Blessed to have crossed the path of one Ms. Dilara Esengil, she is a true God send and none of us are here by accident. Many Blessings to you and yours in the Netherlands!

  2. I really wanted to share Michelle Gibson’s WordPress Blog and I thought I’d add this video while I was at it.

    Secrets of the Tartarian Empire Predating Atlantis, Over 70,000 Years of Technology Under Mud Floods

    Suppressed Secrets of the Tartarian Empire & Technology Buried in Mud Floods,

  3. Thank you for talking about the other beings in your podcast as if it is mainstream – which, for me, it is common knowledge and so refreshing to have it spoken about so casually and honestly. Finally. I also liked hearing about the “new earth” experience and time travel. I am up to that point in my “home schooling” and would love to hear more about that “event” – whenever it may be. I am so open to all of this…and have already “let the doubters go” as they are like weighted souls on humanity. Let the flood gates of truth open! I avoid getting “stuck” in their mired cognitive dissonance as it takes me away from my becoming and learning and contributing in this emerging reality. AMEN to you TRUTH-SAYER! DILARA!

    • Oh Suebird how I needed to hear that tonight! God always speaks through his beloved. Here you are telling me that it’s OK to keep up with these subjects. Im tired of dancing around regurgitated narratives, by the usual suspects. Time for TRUTH! Love you. Thank you again!

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