Covid Displacement

I get it.

We need time to rescue enslaved people.
We need time to wake up the sleepers.

Now that Covid is now over, and the lockdowns are done, and so is unemployment benefits for millions of Americans. Many have lost their businesses, homes, family members, jobs and much moar.

When is this all going to end?

So many people have been simply displaced by Covid. I was looking through many of my friends profiles who have lost their jobs due to this plandemic, and they have no where to turn. Especially older people, what are they supposed to do? Wait for the white hats to come save them?

We are told that The Best is Yet To Come! but yet, it is clear that This Is Not Another Four Year Election.

Frankly, I’m tired of the The Walking, Shedding Jabbers and their self entitlement.

Returning to the matrix is not a choice for many of us.

While others await for the miracles of Nesara/GEsara to save them along with med bed technologies, the harsh reality is that these things are not just going to suddenly appear in our lives overnight.

In the meantime, we must maintain Courage, Endurance and wait for the masses to awaken.

What a test for humanity!

Stay the course patriots. It’s all we can do.

God bless you all.



COVID Jabs Are Killing Two People for Every Person Save by Dr. Jospeh Mercola:



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~ Dilara 09.27.21

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  1. Thank you for saying what you’ve said. I needed that today. I’m the only one in my circle that’s awake. It can be a very lonely place to be sometimes. I’m never giving up and I’m never giving in. Thank you for the support.

  2. Wow! Really needed to hear that acknowledgment of reality! Thank you for all you do! Your dedication certainly helps me in ways you can probably relate to as well! So hard to remain positive, but we have to do what we need to in order to survive. Blessings Karen

    Sent from my


  3. I so agree with what you have said. I do trust in God ultimately but of course we are all hoping that Q and company are emissaries of God and are being guided and moved by the Holy Spirit and Angelic / other dimensional beings. Nothing else explains what we know is happening behind the scenes. The dilemma I face and you too perhaps as I surmise from your post is that there does seem to be a bit of a disconnect between the Grace, Mercy, and Love of God and how this appears to be dragging just a bit too long into seemingly needless and almost cruel delays. Either the white hats have power over this world and its a movie or not. The movie needs to END. I pray fervently every day for this outcome and of course Gods will be done but there’s no harm in asking or complaining …. LOL … Thank you for your courage, intelligence and devotion. I look forward to your podcasts and perspectives. Cheers ….

    • Wow. Thank you Erik. I so needed to hear that. I am alone in my head like the rest of of us, but for the Grace of Almighty Father and His eternal love. I think we have all had it. We are sick of the waiting and soon, there is going to be an uprising of people everywhere who *know* like we do what is going on. Whatever the plan, I trust it BUT you gotta give the people something in the meantime if you want their support and energy! Enough is enough! No going back to the matrix. We can’t, won’t and we must stay in faith that God, not man, is in charge of all of it. AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!

  4. That was tough to listen to because let’s face it, sometimes the truth hurts. I just want you all to know that I gather my strength first and foremost from Father God and secondly my strength comes from knowing, believing and trusting that I am not alone in this…I know The Father is here with me but I also know that you all are here with me and that we are here for each other!!! I truly believe this!! None of us are here by accident…We are all here for a purpose. And if we ask Father God for the strength, He will Strengthen us and together We will All Succeed and Accomplish His Purpose for us….Stay Strong and when you need a hand Reach out to me For I will do what I can!!!
    Ciao my Fellows…..

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