God made you in His image, and in this image lie all the beautiful qualities of Spirit.

You must discipline yourself to develop your sleeping spiritual powers and to find the kingdom of perpetual happiness within.

If you consciously and continuously live on the spiritual plane, you will attract all things that will lift you up to final liberation.

In the garden of your heart, cultivate the flower of devotion, praying, ” O Flower of Unfading Fragrance! Send Thy breath of love to cheer me always, as I climb the spheres of realization to my to full Enlightenment!”

~ Yogananda

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Nothing like coercion.

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You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿 ‼️‼️

FLASH: Biden Just Talked to an Audience of Fake Actor-Soldiers – The True Defender !



What happened to me since getting the Moderna jab by Comedian Jimmy Dore




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~ Dilara 06.17.21

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  1. The Joints for Jabs post listed under Coercion was my affirmation of a response to a tweet which highlighted an article comparing Sativa and Indica Strains. Has everyone collectively forgotten about Paraquat ?? My response:

    So if the 🤡 are apparently involved in the business of Remedies that many shun because “oh but it’s illegal!” Isn’t it ultimately about profit and Not legality. Besides legality means bureaucracy. And IMO that = G Strains. You might even be Smoking the jab!….Jus Sayin

  2. D… enjoy your posts. Always thought provoking and well crafted with your signature style.
    Why is it that the stock market holds together even as our voices get louder? It is the one red flag that I can’t resolve. Greed is such an efficient barometer, surprise that there has been no major movement.
    Thanks. Be Safe.

    • Hi Robert. Thank you for your readership! The stock market will indeed crash before the Global Currency Reset takes place. #DeadCatBounce – Stay the course patriot! Good times ahead!

  3. I love Karen Pryors poem! Our Founding Fathers we’re smarter than the Democrats ever will be!

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