Keeping Your Vibration High

Hi everyone!

We are in for a long ride!

This Is Not Another Four Year Election. Potus is not going to take the reigns again until 2024 and will not be publicly inaugurated until 2025. This has been the plan all along. This massive Cabal Takedown takes time. This operation is galactic and no one can understand the true scope of what is going on behind the scenes.

During this time, we all know You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿 with ROBOJOE! being paraded around to keep the idiots at bay. And, remember, we kept trying to red pill our zombified fellow human beings but they are too programmed to Expand Your Thinking. (Well, really their thinking but you get it;). Hence, You Must Show Them.

While We The People Demand Freedom From Stupid Sheeple!, the White Hats are using their own controlled narrative to help awaken the sleeping, programmed, dumbed down masses.

They have a nation, a world to wake up. Not everyone can understand production techniques, or grasp holographic reality. Not everyone can see how masks and make up are so advanced, along with robotics to fool them that these are actors. Not everyone has the capacity to see what is going. And some people are just more programmed, more dense and more lazy in Conquering Cognitive Dissonance.

It’s going to take them much longer to embrace The Truth, And Nothing But..

So during these next few years, operations will still continue to take place. We still have cargo ships stuck in the waters. We still have children being rescued and rehabilitated. We still have shitty celebrities and lower level minions to arrest and terminate and/or incarcerate. We still have monetary systems to change out, infrastructure to completely uproot and replace and revive, not just in America, but worldwide.

We still have to tell them what happened.

Imagine what the day after that is going to feel like. The days, weeks, and months they who chose to ignore us, are going to need to digest, absorb and understand what has happened.

Realize how long it took you and I.

This big problem we have isn’t going to get solved overnight, even if all the truth came flooding out. You are further ahead in your learning if you are reading and seeking this kind of information, but there is a world behind you.

And remember, the rabbit hole is deep.

Which means you will keep on learning and keep on growing.

You will keep on expanding and evolving.

That is where ascension begins and continues.

Those that are behind you are not going to catch up to where you are at. They are on their own journey. They have their own learning and growing to do. It doesn’t matter if they are your relative, your friend, your teacher, or your child. They may not be going where you are going, but they are going where they need to be.

There is a lot of work to be done, on every level.

And whatever level you are on is where you need to be on your karmic level and journey of your soul.

You cannot speed up God’s timeline, but you can speed up your own self-realization.

In the meantime, while we do our due diligence to keep our vibrations high, those that are not on the same vibrational frequency will be experiencing glitches and interruptions in their vibratory rate.

Tune in to my podcast this evening on A Fistful of Truth called Keeping Your Vibration High.

As many people have been reaching out to me about their need to disconnect from lower vibrational practices, foods, places and people, another break, if you will, is occurring in the timeline where even more tares and being separated from God’s fields of golden wheat.

The harvest is nearly over.

Thanksgiving is this week and the feast of what we have reaped from our past actions, habits and what kind of emotions we harbor in our hearts is what we will enjoy.

God bless you patriots!



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~ Dilara 11.23.21

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  1. I absolutely appreciate your commitment
    to shine light on darkness. Julia Treat is a
    friend and colleague of mine. As are April and Jay from SpirituallyRaw.
    I understand that you’re not going on just
    any podcast. I am just going to ask you now anyway. Would you please be a guest on my YouTube channel?
    I’m trying very hard to expose human trafficking.
    God Bless You for what you are doing.

    • Hi Kathy! Thank you for your request and what you are doing! Maybe in the future as I have to take time off to recoup and get my life in order atm. I hope you are having a terrific holiday season. Stay in touch!

  2. I completely understand, but what about those not wanting to take the jab and losing their jobs. That is not good and can’t wait years. Just asking for a friend who is in medical sales and being told to take Jab by end of Dec or lose this sales job.

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