Enjoy The Show (Part 1)

Linda Paris is one of my most favorite folks that has the guts to speak up about topics most people cannot and will not open their mind to.

But that doesn’t mean that the truth isn’t out there!

What Are You Going To Believe?

The real truths are not for the close minded, the programmed, the crap-eating folks out there that are not paying attention and loving their little matrix shackles. Those that are not meant to go on to the next phase of humanity simply won’t. This is the 4-6 percent that Q says is lost forever. These are the mutton unwilling to see past the fog of the matrix and regularly reject knowledge. HOSEA 4:6.

Why would anyone want to reject knowledge?

Because they are too afraid of judgment from their peers, from society and they need to fit in.


That’s appx 400 million (give or take 10-30 million) worldwide…

The Truth Is Not For Everyone.

These topics and dicsussions are not for to the programmed haters, jabbers, or just plain old goners.

For them, I offer this:

Take it. Go ahead. We don’t need you in our reality.

We are here to plant seeds of The Truth, And Nothing But.

Remember, The Choice To Know Will Be Yours.

This week I was invited back to appear on Linda’s show. A follow up to The Snarkiest of All, talking with Linda is a breath of fresh air. Her heart and mind is open and on fire with truths and undaunted energy to help others wake up to the alternative reality that Q has told us about.

How Do You Make People Aware of An Alternate Reality?

Remember, The Stage Is Set.

Here is yesterday’s interview (part one). Part two will be aired tomorrow.

I will also have a radio show coming up so stay tuned!

Enjoy the show!


You can find Linda on her website at: http://www.mcallistertvonline.com/

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~ Dilara 04.17.21

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  1. I already saw it. Linda should have you on once a month. A Dilara audio podcast (if it’d be put up on iTunes) would be great, as a lot of people don’t have the time to read a blog and there’s also less Nazi censorship with audio, compared to video like there is with YouTube. While I enjoy seeing a lot of truthers on BitChute or YT, in most cases I don’t need to see the video of them speaking.

  2. Hi D, I just seen this video and I wish I knew her name. But if what she’s saying is true, this the Vax is affecting women’s periods but not by taking the shot. Just from being around other women that have taken the Vax. This would in fact impact generations of people trying to have a baby. I have an open mind and I know that when a group of women work, live or socialize they have a tendency to cycle together over a period of time. No pun intended there. Ive seen and experienced this myself working with a group of 300+ women over a 28 year time span.

    I tried to link the video with no luck. No luck downloading then sharing it on Twitter. It’s on Telegram This person is using Carolyn Bassett Kennedy initials. Use the link will bring you right to this page, Video Date; April 17 2021
    https://t.me/CBK_17 has 75K people following. Ive also googled an found another social media page linked to this handle.

    I’ll dig a little further, with facial searching. The video has at the very start, which appears to be a handle; Selfhealingm… then on the other side it says FOLLOW, Tic Tok??? I’m not on Tic Tok.

    This maybe a good video to share, if her info is on target. With an open mind and being a woman and knowing how the our energy does affect people. The question is can we have this much power within to effect someone shedding the uterus lining? I know Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine using energy for healing. We are of energy, most aren’t aware of this energy we give off and take in. I’ve met my share of Energy Vampires being a Massage Therapist. Learning to clear and protect yourself from this while at CCMT.

    This is stated below her video; Unvaccinated women are getting periods with excruciating pain in levels they haven’t experienced before, as well as menopausal women getting their periods, often multiple times in a month, women having miscarriages, bleeding heavy and shedding their uterus wall JUST BY BEING NEAR VACCINATED PEOPLE! Countless stories coming in about this so this is an u explained phenomenon happening in areas where there are lots of vaccinated people.

  3. Hey D, I don’t know if you figure out the video, but guess what I found it on RobertDavidSteele.com he had it up today too. Steele got it the video off YouTube. No name but I subscribed to see if she puts up anything else.

    B M
    126 subscribers
    It’s got to be on the up side, if Robert David Steels posted it today!!!


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