The Enemy Is A Deceiver

The enemy is a deceiver.

He works through those closest to you and your belief systems.

What Are You Going To Believe?

As we have watched loved ones, family and friends fall victim to the deceiver of deceivers, The Invisible Enemy, we have realized throughout this process that we can only save ourselves . No matter how hard we have tried to “awaken” others to the realities that can harm them – from What’s REALLY In The Vax! to the The Fable of Cable to the never-ending election fraud saga – there is no helping those who cannot and will not help themselves. 

Remember, The Truth Is Not For Everyone so Drop the Disbelievers!

Many have travelled to a place far beyond Conquering Cognitive Dissonance and simply, tuned out reason completely in exchange for comfortably numb realities. 

We have patiently watched Potus take a beating from false accusations of the Russia hoax, to accusations of every sort unimaginable. Yet he has not given up on We The People or our great country, America. 

Unfortunately, not everyone in our society possesses the necessary discernment to see or even begin to understand the simple truth: that deception is real and many are being deceived. I urge you to look around you and realize that we have all been deceived and seek repentance and discernment from the Almighty Father God. 

We have been traveling together through this great journey of human history, seeking truth not lies. Yet even patriots and truth seekers are being deceived by other so-called patriots and what has been termed now as “truthers” which frankly, are the farthest from the truth itself. Many of these people own no real estate in truth, but turn their whole lives on their axis of lies and deception only to bring to you promises of hope, leading others into the land of false prophets as Jesus warned us. The Revelation of St. John the divine tells us what is to come, yet many reject the knowledge and end up in HOSEA 4:6

Lin Wood is doing God’s work daily and is a humble shepherd in these times for many who are willing to listen and see.  I pray for Lin daily as the enemy always attacks those who stand with Jesus Christ and spread His word. 

I urge you to place your trust in the Lord during these confusing and difficult times. It saddens me to see people seek emotional comfort over the real issues at hand that are difficult yet very necessary to face. As hard as it is to accept that acts like child trafficking, sex slavery and even cannibalism exist, for some it is even harder to face that one has been duped and fooled into believing the lies of the enemy. (For more information on these topics, kindly search this blog for articles such as Blood Currency, Human Cloning & Baphomet Genetic Manipulation and Secrets Of The Celebrities: Cannibalgate).

From the MSM – the enemy of the people as POTUS reminds us frequently – to the stolen election, many cannot accept that they have been lied to. This trickles down to patriots and grifters on platforms like Shill Social, Telegram and so forth that seek to control your emotions and hence, your mind. That is how the MSM works on the masses – through emotional manipulation (see The Century Of The Self). That is how the enemy works through those that you come to like and trust, even idolize and worship. This is how Hollywood has built its empire: on the emotional manipulation of programming our minds. This is also how the dark side has infiltrated this movement in the same way, using its minions to control your emotions and your mind. 

The deceiver is very clever and will test you in ways you never imagined.

Remember that Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil for forty days and forty nights. 

Many of you will be shocked and awed, as will be the masses when they realize that they have been lied to. But as we are promised as humble messengers and servants of the Lord, All Lies Will Be Revealed and The Truth Is The ONLY Way!

Go to God, not to Telegram for your instructions for life. You do not need an intercessor, teacher or preacher. You do not need to be a follower, donator or supporter of anyone except the Father. 

Jesus cautioned several times that prior to His Second Coming, “many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many” (Matt. 24:11).

As Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is our duty to be watchmen on the tower, warning others to beware of false prophets and false teachers who lie in wait to ensnare and destroy faith and testimony.

Stay His course patriots. Godspeed and God bless you all. 


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~ Dilara 08.21.22

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