A Fistful Of Truth Is Being Taken Down On Rumble!!!

UPDATE: As of 05/20/2023 Rumble after contacting them has not replied but has put all my videos back up. 😂🎯🔥 I wouldn’t be surprised if they try this crap again! Thank you to all of you who will not stop seeking, speaking and spreading A Fistful Of Truth!

Original post 👇🏼

Since the recent Spotify takedown of A Fistful Of Truth on Spotify where I published the article A Fistful Of Truth Is Now ONLY On Rumble!, now Rumble has taken down all episodes of A Fistful Of Truth!


We were told to spread the truth!

Not a controlled narrative full of lies in attempts to control people’s minds!

Where did Jesus tell us to lie?


If you visit the Rumble channel here https://rumble.com/c/AFistfulOfTruth and try to play almost any video, it will not play!

I still have not received any reason why Spotify has removed my content.

But we know why!

Everyone is trying to control your mind!

Stay tuned patriots!

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I am literally censored off of every platform!

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~ Dilara 05.19.23

My old Twat account is suspended #StayTheCourse: Twitter Suspension) but you can find me here:

Dilara Esengil Official Telegram Channel: https://www.t.me/DilaraEsengilChannel

Official Website: https://afistfuloftruth.com

Dilara Esengil Blog: https://www.dilaraesengil.blog


🚨A Fistful of Truth Podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dilara-esengil🚨 

Rumble: https://rumble.com/c/AFistfulOfTruth

Truth Social: https://truthsocial.com/@DilaraEsengil

*Twitter: (@AFistfulOfTruth) https://twitter.com/AFistfulOfTruth 

*My old suspended account (@DilaraEsengil) 

IMAGE CREDIT: Chief Bulldog

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  1. Dilara, you are needed! I know these ‘live backward’ buffoons/abominations do not defeat you.
    Good always finds a way.

  2. We love you child of the most high,” for my children perish from a lack of knowledge,” if 1 doesn’t no where they came from,” they will fall for any narrative,” that is why they lie about everything, to keep GODS children con fused,” but a child of GOD 👀’s thru the shit

  3. You ROCK Dilara. I’ve been listening to you for a very long time. Love when you and about only you tell the truth about shit. Others (whom are making money hand over fist) tell you squat and tease you with “intel” and nothing. I’ve stopped listening to them over a year and I’ve never been happier and more at piece . You say it as it is and I Love the truth. Keep up the fantastic work . I see you are sensors, but your tenacity triumphs just like GOD Our Almighty !
    Love you and you honesty and most importantly Integrity!
    God Bless

  4. How frustrated you must be I cannot even fathom. I have listened to you for a few years now and look forward to your articles, podcasts and videos. I finally had time on Thursday to listen to 5/20 Monday Matters. Then read your blog yesterday how you were taken off Rumble, and thought to myself I’m glad I got to watch MM yesterday. So, I went to FFOT, and only Mondays video/podcast would play as I went through past ones would open blank and not play. Today however, they opened and I was able to view them.
    Just an FYI. Hope you resolved this issue with Rumble.

    Thank you Dilara!

  5. Dear Dilara,
    Are Gab and/or Odysee a no go? You and “the FFOT gang” being silenced for stating obvious observations and analysis is disgusting and against the law obviously.

  6. PLEASE don’t quit D!!! Truth is needed and wanted! You are the reason why I woke up 7 years ago! I really enjoy listening to you, SnackAnon and HAnon! God is in control! Satan will NEVER win. I would have never thought this S-show would have lasted this long! So many sheep still asleep!! Hang in there D!! Much love and Blessings!

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