The Draco Agenda

How Do You Make People Aware of An Alternate Reality?

Crumbs Are Easy To Swallow.

This interview with Bill Tompkins and Bob Wood is epic and a must see for all of us. Regardless of your opinion, like or dislike for any of the characters in this short episode of Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia (remember, disinformation is necessary and always do your own research!). Posting of this episode does not constitute an endorsement of any of the people or opinions presented in this or other shows on this platform).

And frankly, there Two Types of People – those who walk with God and those who don’t.

Up to you to decide since The Choice To Know Will Be Yours.

Everything Tompkins is saying in this featured interview is so spot on and makes so much sense now, knowing what we know, it’s a must watch for us all.

Draco Gotta Eat Too.

Check out the clip below about mind control and what the Draco have been doing to us for ages.

Sheep No More!

Mind blowing.

This link will expire in 72 hours from this post. Please share it and watch it multiple times until then.

Thank you for your pursuit of The Truth, And Nothing But.

Time is running out. Expand Your Thinking and realize that only The Wondrous Light of Truth is what shall truly set us free!



For many years, humanity has been held under the thumb of the Draco Agenda. In this latest testimonial from Dr. Robert Wood, he shares with Emery Smith what William Tompkins knew about the long-term presence of the Draco, their implementation of mind control over us, and the establishment of a galactic slave trade syndicate. Perhaps the pinnacle of this revelation is a photograph of what Tompkins believes is a Draco ship.

Watch here: 🦖[]=en&utm_source=share🦖

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Listen to how the Draco have been gassing us. Yes folks, get used to the truth. It’s not a pretty picture but God wins!


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~ Dilara 09.15.21

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PS: White Hats – if you are reading this, I hope there is some financial relief coming to all of us soon. Many of us cannot and will not go back to the matrix. We work only for God! Staying the course and trusting the plan!🙏🏼💸🎯⚖️🇺🇸♥️

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  1. Very well done Dilara! You just go from strength to strength with your investigations of truth. The amount of interreference on this planet throughout the millennia has been unprecedented. As you peel away the layers of falsehood the truth comes in relief, and so does the great awakening. Keep diving deeper Dilara, we all need this vital information right now. Know that your efforts will never be forgotten, on this planet and beyond.

  2. I’ve seen William Tomkins and Robert Wood, I believe from a previous blog you mention of one of these two men. I did what you always say “Do you own homework” I did and thank you because you’ve open my mind to so much, from Pedowood, Deep State the 13 Families, etc………. Following the crumbs branch out and you find more and more and more of the deceit that has been going on. The TV is definitely a “program” to fill the mind of only what the Cabal wants us to know and fill our minds with misinformation.
    So I went searching in my notes and found that I had watched a 3 part interview of these 2 gentlemen. I was surprised that the interview is still up on Youtube, to this day for anyone who want to watch, other than MSM BS.
    LINKS; (Part 1/3) (Part 2/3) (Part 3/3)
    Bonus; (William Tompkins answers some viewer questions)

    I found them to be very interesting and informative. Great to watch on that rainy day with a hot cup of coffee.

    Love the Pod Cast Dilara, keep up the GREAT WORK. Love the talks you have with Linda Paris and her guest speakers as well. I can’t wait for the trio cast coming

    Take Care & Stay Safe
    God watch over you and the world †


  3. This Gaia entry does a great job of explaining the complexity of what we’re facing since most people only see the simulation before them and don’t take into account the extra-terrestrial. People only think “Why is this taking so long!?!” since all they see is Robot Joe and the minions. Thank God our President Trump started Space Force to let the ETs know we’re done being bullied and to form an alliance against the oppressors. I don’t dare say any of this to people I know since I now keep my distance from doubters.

  4. Amazing share of the video here. I will watch tonight I really appreciate your links to Gaia. I stopped my prescription after your thoughts as I was getting confused with my discernment so I appreciate what you recommend to watch . Thank you!!!!

  5. God might win but we are not…at least in this life. We have enough evil aholes on earth and now evil aliens? If this is part of the Creators plan then count me out

  6. Great work. I looked at the Shuman residence this morning it’s as low as I’ve ever seen it which is why we are all feeling so low cried without even knowing why I was crying. Guess I’m just sad about the situation especially both my children taking the job and my mother I had lost my father the year before and my brother two years before very tough times but I’m a tough guy. Trying to share but I think at this point in time it’s time to cast off the lines and let my boat sale God bless you and everybody you touch

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