The Dangerously Deranged!

Have you noticed?

They are getting worse and worse every day.

Drivers literally falling into a trance on the road. People can’t add or spell for shit. Try calling someone for any type of customer service on the phone. You have to repeat your name and number ten times before it registers. Illogical arguments will suck you dry so don’t waste your time with the numbnuts!

The vaxxed and boosted have this blank stare in their face like their soul is completely gone.

And it is.

They didn’t listen when we tried to tell them What’s REALLY In The Vax! and they ignored the fact that The Parasitic Invasion is real!

Now we are living in a world of zombies that are only gonna get worse.

The Walking, Shedding Jabbers are headed into The Great Deluge.

Added bonus?

Many People Will Leave This Earth but because They Have Eyes But Cannot See, They Will Blame You ðŸ§Ÿâ€â™‚️🧟‍♀️.

It’s not just the jabbers that are losing it. Those that are slightly off their rockers are going down with them.

Remember what Drunvalo said: Not Everyone Makes It!

The New, Unprogrammed You is an article I wrote back in 2017 hoping it would reach some people but the majority is sadly sleeping sheep.

So in the meantime, make sure you are on the same page with A Fistful Of Truth Presents Dr. Stella Immanuel – take all your meds and stay on course!

Don’t Shed On Me!

And always, always, always Protect Your Energy: #HoldTheLine.


You are not going to 5D. You are a human being living in the 3rd dimension. The next step is the 4th dimension. This is what the earth is doing. Revelation is where we are at. Careful. Many false prophets are offering you satanic “ascension” techniques and promises. Do not adhere to such nonsense! Christ is the only to the Father. His return is inevitable. Those who are not grounded in God Almighty are not gonna make it. There are many people who will just have to come back (hopefully not as a rock!) and do this all over again. Listen here:


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~ Dilara 11.07.2022

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  1. Thank you as as always Dilara! The Zombies are for real indeedo! Im seeing it on the daily. For a lack of a better term im calling them full on RETARDS . Its quite entertaining if you sit back and watch. ❤️ From northern Chinada!

  2. I’ve been treating all other drivers as vaxxed to the max zombies. It’s saved my life a couple of times. Heaven help us when winter comes, and the spike proteins really kick in.
    Cheers, from NorCal

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