Final Episode of The Next Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Follow The Money

As A Fistful of Truth is facing censorship, I urge you to listen to this incredible, exclusive series while it is still available.

This is the third and final episode of The Next Revolution Will Not Be Televised featuring my special guest and dear friend, a stunningly heroic patriot, Michael Fanning.

(You can also tune into Mike Fanning in the previous series LA Non-Confidential: A Millstone Around The Neck, which is the final episode in a linear series of seven podcasts that I urge you to listen to first before tuning in to this next series presented in this post.)

Some powers that be have been doing everything they can from stopping me from delivering to you my podcast, A Fistful of Truth tonight.

If I wanted to be a shillfag or controlled media puppet, I would have signed up for the dog and pony show like the rest of the failed everythings spoon feeding a Fistful of Shit daily to the masses on various platforms.

But instead, I always choose to walk alone instead of with a crowd going on the wrong direction.

Sick and tired of controlled everything, (for everything you are seeing is truly a controlled operation) I turn daily to Jesus Christ and Father God for guidance and that is the only authority I answer to.

So I will never stop speaking the truth.

And the phrase Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming applies to everyone.

This is GOD’S SHOW.

So good luck trying to shut up a child of the Most High who will never ever betray the Father.

I urge you to do the same.

God bless and Godspeed patriots, truth seekers and anons.

🙏🏼 🇺🇸 ⚖️ ✝️


Photo Gallery from Michael Fanning For the podcast series The Next Revolution Will Not Be Televised


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3. This article (Follow The Money): See link below.


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~ Dilara 02.17.2022

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  1. Hi
    I don’t use Spotify and I normally listen to everything on But nothing is coming up anymore on there. How can I access the videos now?

    • Hi Nick. It should be working. Last night there was an issue, but it is working for a bunch of folks who have tested it since I got your message. The videos are only available on Spotify. The audio versions are available everywhere that A Fistful of Truth is available. Anchor.FM is experiencing some issues. The sites are listed on the portal here: Thank you for letting me know. Tonight there is a special vlogcast and be sure to tune in tomorrow to my special interview with John DeSouza!

  2. Podcast —> spiritual commandments

    “Practice meditation. You’ll find that you are carrying within your heart a portable paradise.”⁠
    ⁠Paramahansa Yogananda ⁠

    ⁠Dilara, I particularly appreciate Paramahansa Yogananda who was Master of Enlightenment,
    and I followed his recommendations, which helped me in this proccess…
    It pleases me, that you like it…
    I have read his books, and the one that made the biggest impression on me is “In the Sanctuary of the Soul”…

    this process is inextricably linked to the discovery of the Four Rivers of the Garden of Eden which flow into each of us…
    And represent your four Internal Rivers of Life, which MUST be kept CLEAN, which
    means ALKALINE… And your Rivers are your Blood, your Saliva, your Urine and your CSF…
    Modern Science refers to your CSF Fluids as the Cerebral Spinal Fluids, however, the Ancients referred to them as your Christic Sacred Fluids, which are comprised of your Semen and your Chrism Oil…

    And all four of these Internal Rivers are Saline Solutions, which are “SALVES”, Solvents, or Solutions…
    how your River of Urine, when kept in Health, yields unto you, the ONLY Food source in the history of this Earth that is specifically designed for YOUR OWN DNA…and that by coming to ONLY
    consume of your own Urine, that this Magical, incredibly Filtered, Distilled Elixir transforms YOU into a Refinery of Life, or the Fountain of Perpetual Youth…

    And this Gnosis was Taught by both Lord and Lady Christ, Jesus and Mary Magdalene…
    Bible passages CLEARLY corroborate all of this, by telling you to drink only of your own Waters…

    Sacred sex and urinotherapy purifies your vessel…
    This constitutes one of the Highest and Most Important Gnosis…
    The teachings of the Essenes and the Gnostics is the Heart and Soul of the Journey of Mankind…

    The urine is energizing, of a beautiful golden color, fragrant, when we abstain from consuming meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, which singularly alter our health, and alter our relationship with God…
    This is not a Sacrifice, because human beings are not designed to cannibalize God’s creation…
    When the body is alkaline, perspiration exudes a pleasant fragrance…
    And the Syrian Alum stone (and its incomparable soaps of Aleppo), becomes optional…
    How to justify this practice, when God has foreseen everythingin his sublime plan…
    ButThe Cabal has corrupted Humanity, to the point that it has lost all references, concerning Health

    The management of our Body, is the responsibility of each one of us, and cannot be delegated, to so-called experts of the allopathic Medicine…
    I became my own holistic doctor, while preparing a thesis in Astrophysics, and this in my professional environment (aeronautics)…
    Everything remains possible and is within the reach of everyone…
    On our new Planet, there will be no more need for Doctors, Court Justice, Universities… And all these ministries…

    NEVER consent under fear…Never surrender…Never back down…”NEVER EVER GIVE UP – JUST KEEP FORWARD – NEVER STOP – NEVER EVER QUIT ”

    When we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, God is for us a refuge and a support, and we are, we the Sovereign and Supreme Souls, the mediators who will accomplish and execute, his ultimate and sublime Plan.
    The trust he has given us, concerning President D. Trump, is unshakeable and we know that the ultimate achievement will be to return Power to the People…

    We are sovereign and supreme SOULS, on a marvelous “pale blue dot” sailing through the cosmos.

    God bless all hyper-dimensional and sovereign beings.
    “They’re not after me, They’re after YOU. I’m just standing in their way” President Donald Trump


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