Paranormal Investigations Feat. Paul Tashiro

This week, I am honored to reconnect with a good friend and fellow patriot, Paul Tashiro.

Paul and I worked together early on in my law enforcement career. Join us in this very special vlogcast on A Fistful of Truth (video version available on Spotify only) where you can meet Paul and learn about his journey from his career as an LEO and later, as a chef, radio host, writer and a paranormal investigator.

Below you will find Paul’s biography and background.

In this episode, you will learn about paranormal investigations, hauntings, ufos, demonic possessions and Paul’s show called Ghosts N Grub.

You can check out Paul’s sites and work below his biography where I have listed his various endeavors.

Be sure to also check out my interview with a paranormal expert and super patriot John DeSouza Uncensored!

Thank you for walking with us in this journey with a Fistful of Truth!

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How to connect with Paul

Ghosts N Grub Show KSCO Radio AM 1080


Instagram account: @ghosts_n_grub_show_ksco_radio

Foodie Booze Explorer:


Paul Tashiro is a native of Watsonville, California where he currently resides. 

After 31 years of service with the Santa Cruz County Sheriffโ€™s Office, Paul retired in 2018. His years of criminal, civil, and administrative investigative experience, including internal affairs investigations, gives Paul a deep understanding of his community and human relations. In addition to his extensive resume in law enforcement, Paul served as the Sergeant in charge of the bomb squad in his jurisdiction. 

After retirement from his LEO career, Paul continued to follow his passion for food by becoming a sushi chef at a favorite local hometown hangout called Imura Japanese Restaurant. Inspired by his newfound career, Paul started writing a personal food, booze, and travel blog, called The Foodie-Booze Explorer which can be found here:

It wasnโ€™t long before KSCO Radio (AM1080) in Santa Cruz, California offered Paul his own radio show.  Initially, Paulโ€™s radio career began as a guest on the Think Local First talk show where Paul would discuss his days as a sushi chef and blog writer. 

One day, the host of the show asked Paul if he had any paranormal encounters while on-duty at the sheriffโ€™s office. 

His answer was: yes!

Paul became the host of the Ghosts N Grub show on KSCO Radio. Paul was able to work with paranormal teams during his travels for his blog. His participation in real paranormal investigations with teams led to showcasing their work and inviting them to discuss their experiences on the air. 

Ghosts N Grub soon caught the attention of a reputable television producer in Los Angeles with whom Paul is co-producing and co-writing a new TV series.

When not in the studio, kitchen or on the keyboard, Paul still enjoys his time off. He continues to travel, spend time with family in retirement, and ghost hunt alone when he finds the time. 

โ€œI have had countless paranormal encounters from childhood to present day. Iโ€™m visited often, physically pushed when I try to ignore spirits, and generally keep the paranormal door ajar just slightly, because I enjoy my privacy, and try not to be inundated with paranormal activity all the time.โ€

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  1. I been reading back through your blog and listening to your podcasts. Great information. Another one you may want to check out to interview is David Paulides. He’s a former detective, retired, and investigates all the disappearances in national parks. His map he’s put together of the disappearances pretty well matches the dumbs under the US.

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