Facing Our Transhuman Future With Gregg Braden

It’s Friday and that means that it is movie night!

If you haven’t yet seen the feature I posted two nights ago called Drunvalo Melchizedek: What To Expect In The Coming Shift, make sure to check it out as it defines the truth about Dimensions of The Human Soul.

Meanwhile, join Gregg Braden and Regina Meredith on Open Minds discuss The Transhuman Agenda.

Does our increasing dependency on technology diminish our human potential? In this episode, visionary scientist Gregg Braden discusses the current transhuman movement – the merging of technology and human biology, often referred to as the singularity. He describes three levels of tech integration where the final level replaces our natural biology. In a time of rapid evolution, reflection and discernment are key. Braden highlights what we can do to release the conditioning of a technology-dependent society and how to follow the natural rhythms within ourselves.

Watch here: https://www.gaia.com/share/ckw7g2o7x00140jno2c5k4f00?language[]=en&utm_source=share

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  1. So much resonated with me. Free will and the topic of AI – all of which can be used for good or for subversive intentions. Moreover, while AI can produce, it can’t create. Even if the AI is almost an exact copy 99.999999…. It will never, ever be a creation by God. I am really keyed into what makes us, humans on earth, as the focal point for our galaxy as it relates to the DNA factor. I relate to the higher dimensional beings who appear to be in pursuit of truth and goodness. The idea of scarcity is more of the controlled bogus narrative to instill fear, lower our vibration and rely on “them”. All false. Recently so much has gelled and all the firing synapses seem to be in unison. I learn and connect with every video you share. Thank you. It’s wild…and true.

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