LA Non-Confidential Feat. Ret. LAPD Sgt. Mike Fanning: An Insider’s Uncontrolled Narrative

Join me with Ret. LAPD Sgt. Mike Fanning in part two of this audio series revealing an insider’s uncontrolled narrative of how our law enforcement agencies have been infiltrated since his days with the Los Angeles Police Department back in the 1970s through the 1990’s.

In this segment, Sgt. Fanning continues to tell us never before revealed first person observations of how marxist and communist agendas and organizations set forth to take over our freedoms and country, undermined our Constitutional values and ideals.

You will be surprised yet not in disbelief as All Lies Will Be Revealed in this mini-series, bringing us all from Dark to Light.

A good complimentary documentary that I recommend in addition to this mesmerizing story from Sgt. Fanning is The Century Of The Self. A must see, well produced BBC production, detailing the intentional programming and mind control of the American public by the cabal and fake news since the early 1900s to our present day is mandatory learning for us all to understand how we became a society of slaves and sheep to their system. The Century of the Self provides an understanding of why we must be Sheep No More as our complacency and media manipulation only adds to the circumstances which Sgt. Fanning was left to face with in the ranks of law enforcement.

No wonder we find ourselves today with an infestation of our infrastructure of communist Chyna and pals worldwide. A seasoned and intelligent reader and truth seeker will connect these dots with what we find ourselves faced with today: a satanic, criminally non-elite regime whose inbreeding and draconian roots have resulted in a population of slaves and sheeple.

If not for brave patriots like Sgt. Fanning who, in the face of corrupt authoritative adversity, found themselves the minority lone rangers of American street justice, our country would have never had a chance.

What we are witnessing now is a slow but steady rebellion to the issues resulting from this infiltration that you will hear in great detail from an honest (and rare) law enforcement perspective. I’m not saying all cops are dishonest; but it takes guts and fearlessnesses to speak up against the crowd going in the wrong direction.

The bad guys have been placed in control from the very beginning. So how do you fight a system that is so corrupt and infested as a young officer and public servant who signed up to do the right thing?

You never, ever give up.


I liken Sgt. Fanning’s intelligence and acuteness and unwavering honor to the ranks of men like Potus, Admiral Rogers and General Flynn. Although he would argue that he’s just another Ghetto Street Fighter, I would add to that Ghetto Street Fighter with a slice of Gran Torino and Dirty Harry with the faith of an archangel, which bears his name.

Thank you Mike, for your time, dedication and intellectual contributions to our society. I am grateful to have you as my friend and my guest on A Fistful of Truth.

Join Mike Fanning weekly on the podcast to hear the ongoing series of L.A. Non-Confidential: Debut Audio Series!

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Supplemental Articles, Notes and Posts from Ret. Sgt. Mike Fanning

A highly relevant source that details the histrionics of Tom Bradley prior to his political career and how that career was spun up as referenced in LA Non-Confidential, LAPD Detective, Retired [and RIP] Gareth Wean’s book: “There’s a Fish in the Court House”:

“This is the Communist underground bookstore at 66th & Western [as of 91] publication that my “friend” George Gabric” [RIP] acquired during his “visit” to the book store, as discussed.

The ‘author’ of this article is Garland Hardiman, who at the time it was written and published was an active and sworn Los Angeles Police Officer who also worked Southwest Division while I was assigned there as a uniformed Patrol Sergeant.”

BIO: Michael Fanning is a retired Sgt. from the Los Angeles Police Department. Additionally, Mike has served as a post 9/11 “U.S. Contractor” in the areas of an SME in Counter-Terrorism, Aviation Security and Explosive K9 Handler. You can hear more about his experiences on A Fistful of Truth weekly.



Dr. Thomas Lewis and Dr. Michael Carter

Dr. Brian Lemper

Dr. Stella Immanuel

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Whistleblower Seeks Lawyers to Stop “Unnecessary Deaths,” False Advertising and Unfair Competition by Pfizer and Moderna

Where Are You on the Oral Health Continuum?



“The AZ Inversion layer created quite the setting to stop and pray on my hike.”


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  1. Ms. Dilara Bravo! Many thanks to Sgt. Fanning for your first hand exposé of just how deceived we were! Oh how it brings back memories of From the San Gabriel Valley having to wind our way down Crenshaw to Stocker to La Tijera, my wife at that time with our 1 year old son, both just staring in Silence at all the destruction and smoldering fires that suddenly seemed to disappear as I turned onto 80th into the city of Westchester and finally onto the campus of Loyola Marymount University (Jesuit, yes I know) where two of my younger siblings were slated to receive their Bachelor degrees. Like it was yesterday I remember the trek back to home the SGV where upon arriving at the corner of Stocker and Crenshaw there was a pretty large crowd gathered. They were listening to then CA State Senator Diane Watson giving a Speech surrounded by all this destruction. At that time Senator Watson was running for a position on the LA County Board of Supervisors against Yvonne Brathwaite Burke. Burke had the support of the Lovely 😉 Rep. Maxine Waters so I’m sure you can guess who the Victor was, although it was close. How and why I remember this so clearly is beyond me..I was a 28 year old new Father just wondering back then what lied ahead for my son….
    Thank You Sgt Mike for all the literature and Many thanks to you Ms. Dilara for providing the posted copies for us to read! This is truly historical information that would have probably gone by the wayside were it not for the courage and unselfishness of both you Sgt. Mike Fanning and Ms. Dilara…Forever thankful and grateful!

    • God bless you Joe – crazy how it all comes together. One day, Mike and I will tell the story of how we met! We have always been fighting the system we found ourselves in from different but related perspectives. During my days as an attorney (and young intern before that), I admired men like Mike who were true crime fighters and not assholes that were there to corrupt the system. Mike is a GEM of human being, as are you. God bless you.

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