Drunvalo Melchizedek: What To Expect In The Coming Shift

Continuing her Juicy Living Tour USA, Lilou Mace joins Drunvalo Melchizedek among the vortexes of the Sedona landscape to discuss the coming shift and how it will affect humanity. Drunvalo reveals the various dimensions of existence and the coexistence of humans and angels. The truth of it is unbelievable, but it will set you free.

Secrets hidden in Peru and in the ancient Mayan calendar indicate a coming shift in human consciousness. It heralds the end of this universe and a transcendence into another level of existence – in the 145th dimension.

Drunvalo explains that ancient aliens and ascended masters have already influenced the lineages of humanity to ensure our continued survival. To better facilitate this transition, he offers an ancient technique for uniting the heart and brain. Learning to live from your heart is needed in order to connect with your new life. It is already in your DNA.

📺 Watch here: https://www.gaia.com/share/ckw4i0wic001j0jlkhlrxewpq?language[]=en&utm_source=share 📺


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  1. Dilara…I just want to thank you for everything you do. Thanks for being in this with us. The info you give helps me to keep my head above water. May you be blessed beyond what you can imagine as we go forward together into an unknown future yes, but, a future that we have been promised will be filled with the power of Love. I can’t wait! NCSWIC WWG1WGA ❤️‍🔥♥️❤️‍🔥

      • I was trained by Dru to teach the merkaba meditation. These videos are about 5 to 10 years old but they are timeless. Where is Drunvalo now? He is 80 years old now. Is he retired? Did his wife Claudette take over the school? Did he ascend? I Would love to hear his comments on the charade that is being played out these days. We have clones, we have masked actors, CGI while executions are constantly taking place.

  2. I use to teach the Flower of Life Weekend retreats. I was trained by Drunvalo to teach the Merkaba meditation. I can find nothing current about him. These videos are old but timeless. Where is he? Has he retired? Did his wife Claudette take over from. I would love to hear what he has to say about this charade that’s going on now.

  3. Hi Dilara! Drunvalo mentions in a lecture that when we are moving from 3d to 4d the following occurs: “usually what happens in this period five or six hours before a dimensional shift is a visual phenomenon”. Well, this aligns with the visual representation in Q3858 where a sky event is pictured. The truth is in front of us – we just need to open our eyes as the truth is hidden in plain sight: https://qalerts.app/?n=3858

    Soon the sky event will occur… but how many will make it through the shift?

  4. Thank you Dilara. I have a home in Tucson but I’m living and teaching on Marco Island in Florida.

    Hopefully when I go back in July I can go to Sedona. He has been there a long time. So glad to hear he is well. He’s a great teacher/Melchizedek and so are you!!! and Linda!!!

  5. This interview made me think of your 9-22-21 blog post of Quantum Gnosis and the concept of our twin…and so much more. Thank you for sharing. Have you ever considered reaching out to Drunvalo to do an interview or podcast? It seems so right for you to do this. I would love to experience the resonance from the two of you.

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