Med Bed Whores Feat. Med Bed O’Savin

Meet Med Bed O’Savin!

That’s right folks!

He’s a man on a mission to save us all from the Med Bed Whores!

Tune in tonight to A Fistful of Truth where it’s S.N.R. – Saturday Night Rants with special guest Med Bed O’Savin who takes the truth to a whole new level!

This gent is not holding back and giving it to those selfish, service to self M.B.W.’s who are out there, waiting to be first in line for their age regression so they can reclaim their youth while veterans and children with cancer wait their turn…

Angry yet?

Don’t be.

They don’t get to go #WWG1WGA.

Enjoy the show!

🎧 🎧

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*Cover art by Study The Enemy

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  1. I hope those disgusting hags have to wait a very long time, until they can raise their vibration.
    I have an autistic child and we go to a therapy center with many other children on the spectrum. If I never get a chance to use one, I’d gladly go without if all the children and soldiers that have been harmed can be healed.
    Thank you for saying the things we need to hear and not what we want to hear.

    • God bless you and your son. I feel the same exact way. These people are SICK means MOAR than we guessed. I send you prayers and may your son be healed by God’s greatest miracles. AMEN!

      • Thank you for your prayers! My child is a rare one… a girl. The average for boys is 1 in 34 and girls is 1 in 145 in the U.S.. It is a true silent epidemic.
        Good bless you and your work!

  2. Dilara, as always you provided a moment of sorely needed levity for me with the med bed whores segment, though the actual fact that these people exist is beyond being even fathomable. Med Bed O Savin was hilarious and needs to be a regular guest! Much better than Juan. I was hoping if I ever got an eventual turn in a med bed I would gladly give it up to heal my sick dog but unfortunately he passed away months ago now. Is there any hope left in this white hat plan? I was keeping my frequency up despite many hurdles but I took my Patriot family out three times recently to a nature preserve, a restaurant and an orchard, even though we are not financially well, just to attempt to raise their dwindling spirits and I swear I felt like I was in a zombie/ stepford wives movie. Forget the mask wearing, the people literally were like zombies and I seriously think they lost their souls and were just running on AI. My whole family intuitively spotted this and all individually expressed our sadness at humanity in its current state. And I just heard a popular truther state that by June things will be pretty well made known…..Ummmm really June of what 2025??? This country is basically past life support now and the USA is fairing way better than the rest of the world, especially Australia. The popcorn rotted half a month ago and there may be nothing left to save by the time the Beige Hats do EBS and take down MSM. I thank you for your wit, your humor and the intrepid reporting you do is by exposing the Standard Hotel and Enlil death monument on Highland, you are seriously one of the few bright spots left in this dying truther movement because the show is stale at this point and I give you credit for still coming up with important, viable and intriguing material, also for your frequency raising segments and sense of humor. I thought Christmas in November the 17 decoders we’re saying but the month is basically done. Please continue your brilliance, I look forward to your book and you are the only thing keeping my dwindling Patriot family from losing all interest in the truther movement. Bravo and med beds frequency won’t work on those mb whores!!! Ain’t karma grand? You are truly appreciated!


  3. Earthlings have heard many promises that never came to fruition. As a Boomer, I am still waiting for my jet pack. Med bed whores are like Trekkers who think they will soon go into the transporter room or even the holodeck and cure all the problems in the Universe. Thanks a lot, A. Crowley. 8Q

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