Spring Forward! New POTUS SC RALLY DECODE!

Even though we voted against this insane daylight savings cabal time debauchery, for some reason, California still has not changed its time change this upcoming Sunday.

The beginning of daylight savings time started as a directive from The Uniform Time Act of 1966 to implement  daylight saving time law which regulates the “widespread and uniform adoption and observance of the same standard of time within and throughout each such standard time zone”. The ultimate goal of this Act is to ensure that jurisdictions observing daylight saving time begin and end on the same date.

And just who enforces daylight savings time?

Why the U.S. Department of Transportation* of course! 😕


Now what could time and transportation possibly have in common?

Could it be that the department of transportation is really, like all many other cabal created governmental agencies, be involved in an alternate, secret agenda of time travel?

After all, many people still don’t realize that it is our U.S. Navy that deals with space travel, and now, of course, we have working with the U.S.N., Space Force.

Stay tuned for my upcoming new series on A Fistful of Truth called Tales of a Time Traveler, coming soon!

In the meantime, Stay The Course and Hold The Line! because The Storm Is Upon Us and every minute counts!

Enjoy your extra hour of manmade time travel!

When you walk up tomorrow you will have already lost one hour in time, only to get it back again when the cabal decides to give it back to you this fall.



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~ Dilara 03.12.22

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  1. Hi dilara hope your well, love from scotland. Love your show yer so honest and down to earth my kinda woman xx

  2. Obviously it has always been, a panic-demic, an hysteria-demic, a hoax-demic, a shame-demic, a Pcr pandemic, a manipulation-pandemic, a Coronafraudus in COVIDiocracy, and this Nondemic was, an IQ Test, and above all, an absolute fraud.
    It’s also, a Shadow-pandemic, with phenomenal surge, in mental health cases in the world.

    NOW it’s a sinister Propagandemic, with surge of misinformation from both sides…

    This so-called virus, in fact a computer model, is just a TOTALITARIAN exosome of Mind Control…. a mind poison, called Wetiko,
    infecting insane politicians and inducing a kind of “cytokine storm” in their evil spirit…
    In fact, this pseudo virus (viruses don’t exist…) is just a Computer Program (a viral template in silico)… A projection,
    a “spell”, on the population…

    So called-Viruses (which are exosomes) are not Alive (they are inert) and are solvants, like soaps to go and clean up the waste, in ourselves. Against all odds, they are our best internal Friends… The exosomes (aka fake viruses) allows to breakdown heavy metals, toxic chemicals, that are man made. They are three different types of solvants, in the body, that pseudo virologists and epidemiologists, called wrongly “viruses” …
    so it’s an OUTfection. INfections, strictly speaking, have never existed, hardly can we evoke the term OUTfection…Because it is a process endogenous to our cells… which detoxify themselves, by creating these exosomes, which are a type of extracellular vesicle that contain constituents
    (protein, arn) of the cells that secrete them…
    In other words, we cannot “catch a virus”, which does not exist outside our body…
    They are excretions of cells poisoned by hyper-acidosis, linked to the inflammatory nature of lifestyles, by permanent exposure to ionizing and non-ionizing frequencies, to a pathogenic environment (chemtrails, chemical pollution, detergents, make-up…).

    There has never been any Virus, exogenous to living organisms (living in nature…) to living organisms, but only nano scale self-assembly piezoelectric graphene in Food, Air (in chemtrails-morgelons), Water & Vaccine 322 Nano Attack…
    Mass media is in fact the ONLY virus… And a pharmaggedon, pushed by an insane VIRUSocracy (hell Gates/Fa(u)scist…).
    Fortunately both have been tried and already executed…
    Divoc-19, is a smokescreen for a bigger agenda, called “The 2030 Agenda” part of Agenda 21 and biohacking Lethal Injections was
    the goal…
    The degenerate psychopaths of the cabal are calling “the darkest winter” by invoking an alleged umpteenth wave of this
    Finally this SCAMDEMIC, is a trojan horse and an appalling conspiracy to ignominiously control humanity.
    Divoc-19 is just social engineering device… Lowering human frequencies (scalar attack) and a war on Humanity…
    These nefarious propaganders coin, a new terminology a “syndemic”, and according their disheveled plan,
    divoc-19 fake Plan-demic, is no longer a pandemic, but a syndemic of chronique fake-deseases… induced by a real lethal
    injection… with nano scale self-assembly components..
    The main objective of this absolute transformation of Humanity, is redefining what is a Human.
    This not an uplift of Humans, but rather a plot (transhumanism, with synthetic “humanoids”) to exterminate Mankind and an
    Extinction Level Event (E.L.E), orchestrated by these demons.
    The Great (fascist) Reset and globalist Plan, for depopulation and totalitarism has Nothing, Nothing
    Nothing, to do with the exosome Sars covx… it’s the apotheosis of Globalism… under the Big Brother’s Transhumanist kabbalist
    New Slave Order… and the false jews khazarian mafia… For the benefit of a foreign corporate communist international new world order
    agenda… Zionism is a taldmudic devil, in total disguise.
    and these degenerate psychopaths have orchestrated, the scam-warming climate change, with a fake-outbreak,
    and a pretty insane and dystopian enslavement of humanity of all forms of life on Earth under AI hive mind…
    That’s their monstruous tyrannical transhumanist and technocratic fourth industrial revolution… Just a GENOCIDAL/DEMOCIDAL
    And an ignominious LIE… It’s, in fact, a Covid-911 Tranformation of the World, in the sense of the continuation of this nefarious
    deception, an increadible Treason, a New Pearl Harbor 911… And the perpetual War on Terror (911) has morphed in a
    total War on US, we the People. We, the sovereign souls, were, the asymptomatics, considered as “bio-terrorists”… Reduced to exile,
    or reconnected, unwillingly, with our past abilities, and act as a truly Living Soul, under the Only Protection of the Most High…

    Concerning genuine President, D J.Trump,

    The evidences are so tangible, through this pantomime…
    Just look at the Olympian calm, within our Alliance…
    Our Alliance, has the upper hand on the events that are taking place…
    We have all the “trump” cards, to definitively, crush the residual caBAAL, in a state of total deliquescence and collapse…
    Many people don’t innerstand, why the events that take place, are so predictable…
    The real reason is inherent to the fact that, all the “Q” labours” have already been accomplished…
    Our Alliance has already drained, all this infamous “World of Gotham” created by the fallen cabal…
    It’s just, a “Replay” of what has already been accomplished…

    The President D.Trump, the Q team, have masterfully turned against these Luciferian occultists, the weapons and spells, which they
    have so ostensibly promoted… and used against Us…

    Very soon the Punisher will (re)decapitate the Beast, in a reverse script…
    This “upside-down” & exhacerbated situation, is only, for the normies & the quidams totally asleep…

    To dispel wetiko, to break the curse of evil, and reverse this “contagious” psychosis disease of the soul, this kind of parasite of
    mind control, that is currently being projected, on mass population, by the M.S.M, E.B.S, is on the only way, and the throttle will be
    pushed forward, to reach the Acme, the apex point of achievement…
    The alarms, sirens, the obsessive horns, will sound deafeningly, like Jericho’s trumpets. An epic “space show” will culminate, in
    four-dimensional holograms, in phase, with the establishment of two-way electronic telepathic communications, emulating
    supernatural forces… In order to extract the sleepwalkers, the unawakened, the refractory to all Truth,
    from their delusional cognitive dissonance…

    This Master Plan, were secretly, orchestrated a long time ago, and finally realized, in order to defeat these parasitic sub-human
    entities, which were frighteningly enslaving Humanity…
    A Sun Tzu’s Art of War, merged with the Bible, and the mastery of esotericism, numerology, and luciferian symbolism…
    Sticking to Astronomy & Astrotheology, and Our Almighty God, to wake people all up to the ferocity of the khazarian cabal, and so that
    they may realize, how far they have strayed, from the unconditional Love, of Humans and from any authentic compassion…

    So, by reversing the spells & inverting the occult language of the beast, by alchemizing, the darkness into Light, we will erase the
    language of SIGN of the fallen angel…
    And, We the Living Souls, declare that the Sabbatean-Frankist creed, which is the emanation of the infernal doctrine of the
    Synagogue of Satan for the Revolution, has never had any power on Us… So, WE ARE ALREADY FREE, But who is aware of this Truth?

    The persistent illusion, the total inversion and the spells in which the Humanity were immersed, have totally vanishing…

    Be brave, stand up to the imperitia of these Babylonian criminals.

    Never consent under fear… Never surrender… Never back down…
    Never Ever Give Up, just keep Forward – Never Stop – Never Ever Quit…
    And Keep Hope, Keep All Hope and never Never, consent under Nothing (Fear is Nothing…)

    God bless you, and God bless all hyper-dimensional and sovereign beings.

    “They’re not after me, They’re after YOU. I’m just standing in their way” President Donald J. Trump.
    ” Your dreams are my dreams, your hopes are my hopes, and your futura is what I’am fighting for EACH and EVERY day” President Donald J. Trump.

    When we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, God is for us a refuge and a support, and we are, we the Sovereign and
    Supreme Souls, the mediators who will accomplish and execute, his ultimate and sublime Plan to save Humanity…
    The trust he has given to Us, concerning President D. J.Trump, is unshakeable and we know that the ultimate achievement will be to return Power, to Us the People…

    We are sovereign and supreme SOULS, on a marvelous “pale blue dot” sailing through the eternal & infinite cosmos…

    “Be thou faithful unto death, and I’ll give thee a crown of life.”
    Humility and patience are virtues, trust in God and we’ll be delivered…

    God bless you Dilara, and all others Biophotonic Sovereign Souls…

  3. Dilara, good morning, faithful warrior and Beloved of the Lord.

    Just want to thank you for all you do to keep the truth fire burning and faith is light shining. And to remind you that you are the apple of your Father’s eye. You help us together to lean in and listen to the Voice of the one true God.

    I’m including this very interesting article I ran across recently and will have to read several times to fathom. I’d been talking to the Lord about the 10 virgins parable — all 10 of the virgins being found sound asleep when the midnight cry goes out — “the bride groom is here! Come out to meet him!”

    I’ve looked at this many times over the last few years, Recognizing we are right there. Recognizing that half of the church (at least) is wanting for lamp oil, and has no idea what is going on. But this time I heard the Lord say, There’s more to the number 10 than you’ve understood… 10 is the number of the matrix.” I had no idea what he was pointing to but began to dig.


    I found this fascinating, partly because I’ve been hearing about binary code since I was a child. My father, an early software engineer at IBM (when nobody knew what computers were) tried in vain to explain to me the great significance of 1s and 0s. Then a few years ago God showed me in a vision/encounter that everything he does And everything he’s made is Code— the blood of Jesus, DNA, Word of God, molecular molecular structure of everything, from alpha to omega, code.

    Psalm 139 verse, ‘all the days ordained for me were written in your book…” The book here in Hebrew is Cepher—or cipher!

    I believe there are key truths in this article☝️ that we need to get a hold of. Curious your thoughts.

    Shalom. May the joy of the Lord be your strength in these days.


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