Is Your Playlist Killing You?


The sound that started everything.

Wether or not you subscribe to a God, a faith, a belief in a higher power, there is a truth that cannot be disputed: every thing in the universe is, at it’s subatomic level, a vibration, a frequency.

In essence, every single thing from your chair to your heart, to the sun, to the moon, and all of the stars and planets and everything animate and inanimate in between is infinitely a waveform. From large to small, all waveforms are what comprise the whole of One.

And God said, “Let there be light.” And there was light.

But before light, there was the sacred sound of His voice which created the light.

If you can’t yet grasp that Higher Power in your life, grasp the scientific evidence everywhere that proves this mathematical truth: all of life is vibration.

And sound is the easiest form of vibration for humans to tune into.

Sound is the creative force underlying all of our existence, of absolutely everything.

Sound waves exist as variations of pressure in a medium such as air. When the vibration of the sound wave coming from any object or device travels through our ear, our eardrum begins to resonate, and vibrate. This is what the brain interprets as sound.

Music is the genesis of all primordial communication.

Sound is a very big factor in our survival and evolution. Of the five external senses, hearing is one of the most finely tuned senses that dictates our lives. Like humans, the animal kingdom survives by their sense of vibration; waveforms that provide biological and psychological information fit for the evolution of a species.

Like dolphins and other sea mammals, the Navy and other underwater organizations, use uniquely specific sonar (sound pulses), to communicate and travel through the most dangerous oceans on the planet.

Broken down to the smallest form, frequencies are what we and every single thing in the universe are made of.

When one accepts this, it naturally follows that music (one of the most pleasant waveforms designed for the human ear – in most cases at least) is the ultimate courier of our messages.

Human beings, when first born, recognize their parents’ voice; a waveform necessary for the survival of a helpless infant. A baby’s cry is one of the first waveform manipulations occurring naturally in the neurology of a newborn. We all learn rather quickly that making a crying sound brings us help.

We are genetically programmed to respond to sound stimulus.

And the corrupt elites know this and have been using this knowledge to control us through their entertainment media, especially through the music we listen to.

How do they do it?

These devil-worshipping elite find people with talent who can manipulate sound, like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, George Michael, Prince, Bowie, Petty, 2Pac, Biggie, Wieland, Staley, Cobain, Whitney, Cornell, Bennington and use them as puppets. Good musicians (regardless of your music flavor) excel at what they do which means they are good at manipulating waveforms that seep into or brain. Lots of people listen to their lyrics and music: the most elemental waveform that reaches and effects human neurology directly.

Think of music a superhighway to your brain centers: all the thoughts that you put into your head are magnified when accompanied by sound, creating strong neuropathways that lead to all sorts of elemental behavior and thought patterns in your mind.

What does that mean?

Music affects your brain and believe it or not, by subjecting your ears to negative lyrics or disturbing frequencies, you are giving the dark forces of the Cabal an open invitation into your safe haven. And once they are in, you can be sure that they will take over. Sooner or later, the scientific community and truth seekers all around the planet will know that it’s not just our food sources and medications which have been poisoned, but so have our sound frequencies from our favorite musicians!

Ever notice that when you keep the car radio or tv on too long you get an uneasy feeling that makes you want to turn it off after a while? Like you have just had enough, even after switching stations? That’s because your brain, your body, your higher self is trying to tell you something: Stop hurting me and turn it off!

Like a cold that at first starts to bother you in the throat, eyes or nose, the negative frequencies programmed into music played on radio stations and all media devices are designed to make you sick and obedient to the messages of the dark forces of the Hollywood Cabal and their supporting global elite.

Did you know that the 440 MHz frequency is a mandatory add to all of the music you hear on the radio?

Music can be your Highway to Hell or your personal Higher Truth.

Music is a gateway to your soul. And the fight is on. The Cabal will do anything to penetrate, control and devour you.

Music can change that however.

That’s why we sing in Church.

We praise our Lord with hymn and song.

In India, chanting and merging with the sound of Aum is part of certain yoga techniques to reach Oneness with the Creator. Tibetan monks will agree.

For the Sufis, it’s endless chanting and music and whirling and twirling that unites Holy Spirit with Holy Soul.

So you can see why the easiest way to affect masses of people is though music and media. Especially after you have made every attempt at corrupting their media, institutions of worship (think the new Vatican👹), governments, and ultimately your brain.

Why do you think the Saudi Prince who was at the top of the Four Seasons during the recent Vegas massacre targeted, with the #DeepState, a country music festival? Because country music has its own set of rules, own set of values and even its own awards show since it’s not so much controlled by the cabal as the rappers, the pop stars, the “little monster” followers.

That’s right.

You plugging in your headphones and listening to cabal-controlled music is like taking a big jar of time-release cyanide and pouring a slow, seeping death into your body.

Did you know that the mandatory frequency in your MSM iTunes favorites is linked directly to diseases like cancer?

Want more proof?

Take a look at this:


It’s a picture of a water crystal from the late Dr. Masaru Emoto’s website featuring research detailed in one of his many NYT Best Seller books like The Hidden Messages In Water.

This simple H2O molecule photo was taken after being exposed to metal music embedded with harmful 440 MHz frequencies.

Here is the same water exposed to harmonized music by Bach featuring the 432 MHz healing frequency:


I highly recommend you visit Dr. Emoto’s website here and take a look at the boundless evidence. Decide for yourself what waveforms you want to put into your body:

Howard Periman offers great information in his article called “The Water In You” about your body’s water content on the US Geological Survey’s site that can be found here: .

The adult human body is nearly 63 percent water.

Think about that.

Sound travels much more easily through a medium of water, literally affecting and changing its molecular structure at the most fundamental levels.

Your body, mostly water, turns into a toxic sea of disease and abnormalities (cancer is simply abnormal cell growth) when you listen to devil worshiping Cabal controlled musicians like Jay Z or Beyoncé with a purposeful overload of negative frequencies purposefully placed to take over your brain.

Still can’t believe it?

Put on your headphones, crank up Lucifer’s volume on Gaga, Eminem or anything on the MSM and call me in twenty years. Well compare you’re health problems to those of people who mediate, chant and listen to positive music only.

In a paper entitled ‘Musical Cult Control’, Dr. Leonard Horowitz writes: “The music industry features this imposed frequency that is ‘herding’ populations into greater aggression, psycho social agitation, and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illness.” You can read more here:

Fortunately, we are entering an Age of Enlightenment where the truth is the pill everyone seems to be naturally seeking. The exposure of evil has truly become a thing. Soon, we all have access to the truth. We are coming head to head with the powers of darkness. Hollywood is about to go down in history along with the politics and brainwashing that fundamentally binds its demonic soul.

No one wants to be mind controlled.

Not even an idiot.

And we, Americans, refuse to become a nation of idiots.

Awareness is the first step, and acceptance the second in recovering from decades of lies, corruption, and evil MSM media brainwashing.

And as much as we love the music that the media has told us to love, it is time to stop and ask ourselves this very important question:

Do you want people who rape children, worship Lucifer, eat people and have zero morals controlling how you listen to your music?

That’s what it comes down to.

You have a choice.

The grand exposure is coming.

The music industry is not bad; the FBI is not bad; the artists are not necessarily bad – it’s the corrupt, the elite Luciferians, those that deny the light and are slaves of Satan and by that I mean slaves of  materialism, who have been undermining our freedoms; our right to listen freely to non-cabal-controlled music. Free the artists. Free the audience. Free your mind.

In Hindu culture, which is far more ancient than ours, the Vedas describe life as “maya”: a grand illusion. Those that attach themselves to only material objects suffer greatly as all material possessions only bring slavery and servitude to the human spirit which seeks only love and freedom.

But those that cherish the spiritual nature of music, the uplifting frequencies that bring us closer, not further from the truth, may all those artists and their fans find the freedom from the chains of this broken down, dark devil’s workshop. Soon, all shall break free from this torture machine designed to enslave and sicken us.

Music is meant to lift, not drown, our soul.

Tune in to your higher self. Do your research and cleanse your record collection, CD’s and playlists of anything containing thoughts you don’t want in your head. This doesn’t mean you should throw out your old AC/DC albums or set fire to Life After Death. After all, music is history and it’s just as important to study and learn from our past in entertainment as it is in government.

But what it does mean is that you should take the trash out of your brain and at the very least, if you insist, practice awareness should you choose to expose yourself to harmful frequencies.

I mean, would you stick your entire head into a vat of uranium?


3d illustration of human with headphone on Audio waveform

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  1. I wanted to say Prince was not a puppet for the dark forces. I connect to his spirit as a psychic medium and can vouch for his music being tuned to 432hz and of the light. He left a lot of codes in his music for us to find and he said more will be shared soon.

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