Happy New Year everyone! God bless you and Godspeed! You can look forward to amazing content upcoming on my podcast, A Fistful of Truth, and please come one over and join us on Telegram where the group chat is live daily and the channel offers you The Truth, And Nothing But.

I look forward to bringing you A Fistful of Matters as well, on my vlogcast where you can tune into valuable information featured on segments like Survival Matters feat. George Pittman and Health Matters featuring amazing regenerative medical experts I have been working with for decades. Also, by popular demand, I’ll be offering short segments on food, beauty and legal tips as listeners and readers have requested. For health is wealth and all beauty comes from within! God is my provider on all of these levels so tune into Jesus Matters one Sunday a month for a special prayer on Spiritual Sundays on A Fistful of Truth.

God bless you and God bless all children of the Most High!

🙏🏼 ✝️ ♥️ 🇺🇸 ⚖️

Thank you @Bunnyfwend for this great message!


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A Fistful of Truth is as of this date, 100% listener supported. An uncontrolled narrative delivered daily. Your support is greatly appreciated and is what makes this programming possible.

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About This Blog:

Please make sure to subscribe to this blog by scrolling to the bottom and clicking “Follow” where you will be prompted to enter your email address which will remain private and your information is not shared with advertisers (there are none).  You only get an email when there is a new post (per your settings).  If The Lights Should Go Out, you will still receive updates from this website and I will be reporting on current news when the first BOOM arrives! And it WILL!

Also, thank you all for your comments. I love hearing from all of you – it’s one of my favorite parts about this blog. Your feedback and insights and unity. God bless you all. Love you all. Come to Telegram and join us there! 

~ Dilara 1.1.22

🙏🏼 â™¥ï¸ âš–️

You can join me on Telegram  https://t.me/DilaraEsengilChannel or Twitter @EsengilDilara (my old account is suspended #StayTheCourse: Twitter Suspension) and I think we will get our accounts back but until then,  I’m mostly here on the blog and the podcast ♥️ 

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