In my latest interview with Hiro Emoto, we discuss the World Water Festival: Special Interview Feat. Hiro Emoto and explain the history behind this very important upcoming event this Sunday, October 16th 2022.

Please make sure to watch the Water Festival vlogcast either at the link above, or here on Rumble:

Register for free for the event here:

Prayer warriors and children of the Most High worldwide must come together as this event is so very important to the survival of our planet and humanity!

So gear up and get ready!

I will be joining you all this Sunday to celebrate God, our human race and peace on planet earth!

Amen amen and amen!


I am including here a time chart for readers of this blog worldwide to reference for times and dates when this event is taking place. The original time for the event is October 16th 2022 3:00 PM PST (which in Japan, is October 17th as we are one day apart). Of course, you are encouraged to reference the following link as well to figure out your time zone for the simultaneous worldwide prayer here:


Original Time of Prayer in JAPAN at Lake Hamana is on 10/17/2022 at 7:00 AM in

UNITED KINGDOM10/16/2211:00 PM
NEW DEHLI, INDIA10/17/223:00 AM

Also, please be sure to check out the following interviews with some of the most amazing people on this planet, that I am honored to feature here on my blog:

Dr. Len Horowitz – do not miss DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral ! It is mind blowing, intelligent, heartfelt truths. Dr. Horowitz has a message for us here:

Also, be sure to check out Dr. Richard Pollack’s videos on the World Water Festival official YouTube channel here:

If you are not already familiar with Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, you can learn more about him here:

And my dear friend Hiro – I am sure his father is so very proud of this amazing event he is spearheading. 🙏♥️ You can read more about Hiro and the organizers of this event here:

This video is only in Japanese but a message from the event organizers (in case you understand it!):

God bless you all. I am so excited. This is the way that we can change this world together!


See you all in prayer on Sunday! And stay tuned to the podcast for updates!


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~ Dilara 10.13.22

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  1. Dilara, your podcast titled “A Fistful Of Truth Returns Regularly” was another great podcast to listen to. There’s really not much that l can add to be honest. That being said, I must echo previous sentiments that you’ve expressed whereby there are a Sea of Liars out there. I have held and continue to hold such sentiments regrettably. Anyway, all the best, Dilara, and l do hope that this contact is finding you well.

    • Hi Rod. Well, we were warned that in these end times all these false prophets would take over the minds of the weak. I am grateful to stand strong with my pride of lions in this movement. God bless you and thank you for leaving me messages here. It really helps me keep going.

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