#NotMyPillow – Mike Lindell – Good or Bad?

Why does POTUS keeps pointing out Mike Lindell?

Is this just another part of the show?

It is not looking good for Mikey boy. Here is the link to the article referenced in this special vlogcast:

TRIPLE POTUS DECODE PART 2 Feat. Snack Anon: The Wall Jacket Man, #NotMyPillow, Snakes and Moar!

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A Fistful of Truth will be changing some of its weekly programs to bring to you current updates of the big changes coming as we begin the Restoration of The Republic.

God bless America!

🙏🏼 #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸

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~ Dilara 09.14.22

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  1. Love the pillow PIC…so funny. DJT, ML and this entire MOVEMENT feels DARK and SHADY to me. Although seductive at times, not convinced it’s truly for the benefit of we the people. The MAGA vs. bid-en SHOW is painful, unfair and a major distraction. If it were legit, we would have moved forward by now. After all these years, still no concrete official EVIDENCE/PROOF. GOD BLESS and thanks for sharing. Remember >>> 2 Corinthians 11:14-15.

  2. Ultimately, I pray DJT and those around him are doing good. The A.I. aspect makes this story even more complex and eerie. Praying we get through this without too much damage to our country. There is so much propaganda/lies, etc. Pray you are thriving.

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