Nubgate Part #2


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~ Dilara 05.01.21

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    • If I’m not mistaken, I recall Linda herself making mention of the 2 Skeletons looking alike while she was conversing with Dilara. Linda is one sharp, Snarky cookie! Believe me, ain’t much gonna get by her… She knows ‘What’s All The BUZZ!!!!!!!’ Ciao!

  1. Dilara, as you mentioned OJ Simpson briefly in part 2, whether you do it on your blog, or on your new audio podcast, it’d be interesting to hear your take on the murder of Nicole Simpson. Like whether OJ really did it, if he did and had help, or if someone else did.

    Not sure if she was a legit female herself, but I’m pretty sure Joan Rivers faked her 2014 death, as someone caught her on video in 2015 and while she looks different with way less makeup, you can tell it’s her and she was trying to avoid being filmed. So while we hear JFK Jnr, Princess Diana, Elvis faked their deaths and I’m sure they have, she got caught.

  2. Spanking the Monkey 🐒 to a Man 👨🏻?!?!?!?! Aaaarrrrhhhh!!! Oh the Humanity!!!!! 🤢🤮

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