Friday Night Movie: Conversations With Colonel Corso

This knowledge is essential to your awakening. Please make time to watch this 41 minutes expiring episode featuring Colonel Phillip Corso.

Beyond Belief: Conversations With Colonel Corso with Paulo Harris

In 1998, Paola Harris sat down with Colonel Phillip Corso, author of the famed book, “The Day After Roswell.” 20 years later, she finally released details of what she learned from that fateful meeting. We learn that much of the technology which we take for granted came from studying the wreckage of Roswell and other crashes. More importantly, we learn of the technology still being withheld, due to the psychological and economic implication for the whole planet. As history progresses, humanity must change and with our sociological progress, dialog with extraterrestrials will finally be open for the whole of humanity. Learn more in this interview with George Noory.

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  1. I love movie night! Thank you as always for you strong dedication and spirit. We love you. I just signed up for a monthly donation to your podcast. I hope this helps. Also, Sarge has asked a friend of mine, my sister and myself to have a discussion soon. We are so excited to meet him. I found Sarge through you and Snarky. we are fully awake and want to share our stories with him. Last week I reached out to Snarky asking her to contact me referring to the video talking about “gay friends” wondering where all the patriot, christian, conservatives are? I am one of those! I would love to share my story with you two. 619-344-1359 God Bless, WWG1WGA.

    Melanie DeJean

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