False Flags

Good evening patriots!

An unusually long day today so here is a video for you to share. Tomorrow we will resume our regular format.

God bless you all.

See Something, Say Something!

Stay Vigilant Patriots!

Godspeed. πŸ™πŸΌ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ βš–οΈ

~ WWG1WGA 02/09/21

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  1. Good morning Dilara. I came across a website. Can you look at it and tell me what you think? It has a ton of information. Many things you talk about and post. It’s. Saintandrewstwinflame.com. I do apologize I would have posted a few links but I’m not the best at technology ☺️

    God Bless πŸ™

  2. Hi D, you’ve got to check out this video. This girl shows you how to use the National Vaccine Information Center “VEARS” this is the site that I use. But and this is a BIG BUT, the URL she gives you takes you in but the result page straight from, you’ll never guess… YES the CDC. Yes sur reeeee
    You can check data;
    State by State
    Male vs Female
    Age Group
    Pfizer vs Moderna

    And you can check just Covid-19 but one problem, the number of pages ONLY offers in only 10,000 case rows at a time
    So for instance you check JUST Covid-19 Death, USA with no gender, no age group, no hospital stays just Died, Death. The site told me it was 13K+ I would have to use a filter of age group, state, male or female to get under 10,000 hits and under to show me case numbers. No names are give people are listed my numbers only.


    WATCH THIS VIDEO FIRST, THE HOW TO DO; Watch her Youtube before they take her down

    I recomend this URL of the 2 she offer you to use.


    Holy Moly the death count is OMG.


    • For Ash, and those Covid vaccine death numbers are just what is being reported. No one is required to report those at all. It is just people that want to report it. It is nuts how many people are dying from this and it is being hidden. I am also hearing that many of the vaccine deaths are being listed as Covid deaths and this is how they are getting away with genocide. So many people need to go down for crimes against humanity. I don’t think the public will wake up until they take down Satanic MSM.

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