The Day Before Obamagate

It’s habbening.

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Stay tuned for a detailed post but you can enjoy this for now, I will update this post today so keep up.

Threads and Posts:

#Obamagate – I think he’s the first arrest.
Thank you Songbird! Don’t worry! Potus and team have a PLAN! #TrustThePlan patriots!

Updates and News

President Trump Addressing the Nation in a (fake) farewell – don’t worry and TRUST THE PLAN:


My video update today – make sure to revisit my article Restoration of The Republic .

This video about the Digital Soldiers is from General Hyten’s post today on Telegram.

This one is from @SongBird4Trump thank you so much for ALL you do! This is her channel where you can see more of this amazing patriot’s creative and talented contributions to this movement.


Listen to Apostole Maldodano:


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  1. Thank you so much for these updates. I miss reading your posts onTwitter but so grateful that I subscribed to your blog.


  2. have followed you until i got banned from twitter. so good to know you and your work. from an american living in new zealand! xoxo

  3. I also flowed you on Twitter until I got banned. Don’t miss it because I have your post. to read. Updates keep me strong and connected to God. I don’t know who to trust. Lin Wood Post. Every lie will be revealed. Godspeed to all. GodBless Dilara. Thank you. WWG1WGA. 🇺🇸❤️🙏🏻✝️

  4. There is a claim that Assange is also a CIA clown, just like Snowden. Is it true? Is this why Q+ didn’t pardon him today?

  5. Beautiful Dilara….My Lord…I’m on a site called Great News International …reading a special alert about the huge fleet of military ships off of the coast of California….I’m on the edge of my seat, with my popcorn….What a historical day this is….I’ve been reading and sharing your amazing blogs…This digital soldier has been on duty 24/7 as we watch all of these unprecedented historical events unfold…We are so blessed to be witnessing this amazing time in the history of the world….I can’t say it enough, may God bless you for all that you have done!!….You are absolutely amazing!!  I might not be in California, but, I am with you in spirit….May God immensely bless and protect us all….God bless you, Dilara!!!….God bless you, patriots!!!  And, may God bless and protect our divinely appointed President, Donald J. Trump and our beautiful and classy first lady, Melania Trump!!!….Love you, angel!!!  WWG1WGA!!!!

  6. Hello, Angel…I meant to share with you and with all of the patriots that while I was on Great News International, I watched two beautiful prophetic word videos from Albert Milton, which were posted, today…The videos reminded me of the beautiful words that you share with us, each day….His YouTube channel is God Unlimited and the videos are entitled, “The Lord Will Win” and “Make Faith Great, Again”….He videotaped them from Washington, DC,  a couple of hours ago….Some of the most heartfelt and beautiful words from a beautiful man…He reveals what is about to come and brings the message home to walk by faith and not by sight….In the name of our beautiful savior, Jesus Christ….Peace and Love, Always…WWG1WGA!!

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