Friday Night Movie: The Game

Do you believe in coincidences?

Most people cannot fathom the level of acting and orchestration that is presently going on for the White Hats.

In order to appreciate this insanely complicated plan, this movie is a must to watch and revisit.

The Game was filmed on location in San Francisco while I was a young girl living in the City of Fog.

One of my once-upon-a-time faves, this movie allows the audience to understand just how much of our reality can truly be manipulated with the right amount of money, resources and intention.

I think I have said it a thousand times or moar: You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿.

Everything that Potus is saying, doing and alluding to is part of the plan.

The Military Is In Control! and if you want a good mental ride and understanding of just how this is all taking place, get your popcorn, grab your blanket, and settle in to this movie as it will surely open up your mind and give you a glimpse of what was possible decades ago.

Enjoy the show!

Here is a clip from this film. It is available on most streaming services.

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~ Dilara 07.09.21

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  1. Watched the film since I hadn’t previously. I don’t think Nicholas “Enjoyed the show” until the closing scenes. 😉

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