Reptilians Are Real

Many people are going to have trouble with The Truth, And Nothing But..

Most people are still struggling with the concept that You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿.

My advice to everyone is to Expand Your Thinking.

The Truth Is Not For Everyone.

How Do You Make People Aware of An Alternate Reality?

Join Linda Paris and myself on part two of yesterday’s broadcast on

The link to part one of this interview can be found here: Bill Gates Arrested.

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~ Dilara 08.08.21

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  1. When presented with new info, try your best not to block it out. We all have to deal with ego since we’re flesh and bones along with spirit. Process it, research with at least three varied sources and not just the top results. Use your discernment since I believe instinct exists for a reason. And whatever you do, DON’T lean on what you’re told by MSM!

  2. Hey Dilara can I donate a few dollars to help you I don’t have much but I’d rather give to people who are preaching truth than the fake people Cheers Dawn from Australia

  3. Hi Dilara. PLEASE don’t keep saying “do your own research” unless you leave links or places to start. For the sake of argument, nottt Devils Advocate lol, if I were a new person on here trying to wake up, hearing you say do your own research tells me to go to goog. Wikipedia or snoopes. All 3 will of course lie. So now me the new person, thinks crap, these ladies are full of chit. When they have good sites to check out, they will be able to start to wake up.
    I have more to say about the video with Linda, but must get sleep, which has been hard to get last few years.

  4. Hi again Dilara. Do you have an email address. Some things I ask your help or advice on, I really don’t want to leave as a ‘comment’s for all to see 😉
    I think you have my email and if you choose to contact me through my email, I swear I won’t give to a single sole.
    Have a great week
    Needs sleep lol.

  5. Loved loved loved this conversation!

    99.99% of the people I interact with on a daily basis are on a completely different level than me.
    I have found that most of my interactions lately are via Telegram.
    Followed by watching videos like this as it’s gotten harder and harder for me to “do the small talk.

    I believe a lot of it is because of Fear and I absolutely refuse to play the game anymore.
    That’s how the DS/Cabel/Occultist/Satanic/Evil survives.

    It’s only by confronting and going through the darkness that we are able to find the light.

    Although I Believe a Very Painful and Dark Night of the Soul is Upon us Collectively,
    I Also Know That The World That Awaits Us is Beyond Our Wildest Imaginations.
    The Light Has Already Won.

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