A Most Peculiar Presidential Salute Battery

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Thank you Donnie for this InfoGraphic

Thread by Angel: The Unusual Biden Inauguration Presidential Salute:

Did you notice something strange about the Biden Inauguration?

At every inauguration, it is customary for the military to salute the President of the United States of America. This is characterized in what we have come to know as the Presidential Salute Battery which you can read more about here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presidential_Salute_Battery .

The battery fires ceremonial gun salutes at events including the U.S. Army’s weekly Twilight Tattoo, observances for Flag Day and Independence Day, and at the inauguration of a new President of the United States.

The battery renders gun salutes according to a customary order of arms which is 21 rounds for heads of state (including the President of the United States as well as former Presidents); 19 for the Vice-President of the United States, foreign chiefs of government, and members of the cabinet of the United States; and 17, 15, 13, and 11 for flag officers of the rank of O-10, O-9, O-8, and O-7, respectively.

The specific arrangement for the presidential salute consists of 4 salutes and 21 shells fired every 3 seconds.  The funeral is usually 10 shots. The interval between each shell is 10 seconds.

Now let’s take a look at the following links to the Presidential Salute Battery to the following events:

Biden’s Presidential Inauguration:

Why is the Inauguration of Biden being met with a 21 Gun Salute at a CEMETERY?!!!

President Donald J. Trump:

Bush Funeral:

Even this was not at a cemetery.


A careful analysis of the Biden salute at the cemetery leads one to think about how we are always being told that You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿.

After so many, uhm, Biden malfunctions that we have been witnessing, perhaps this Salute was telling something moar than what meet’s the normie’s eye.

Is Biden even alive?

The Truth Is Not For Everyone

But soon, it will be unavoidable and, to say the least, uncomfortable for those who are still Conquering Cognitive Dissonance.

Thank you Angel for your contributions.

In the meantime, Hold The Line!


Some links via Benjamin A. Bock:

1. HUGE Data Breach : http://www.wearethene.ws/notable/202948

2. Charles Schwab, Robinhood, and eTrade suffer widespread outages: http://www.wearethene.ws/notable/202928

3. Tesla buys 1.5B in bitcoin plans to accept it as payment: http://www.wearethene.ws/notable/202945

Could this all be linked to the inevitable GCR/RV? 😉

Trust the plan.

Via Jimmy Mac (@AmericaHasBallsAgain on Gab):


Watch the water! Poisoned water supply in Florida!



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Another 😂 from @SwellBS


The infinite beauty of California

Norcal Redwoods.
The San Joaquin Valley by Daniel
Santa Cruz County, California by MM


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Dilara 02.08.21

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  1. HEY HEY D,
    We all know the military is going through the motions… We’ve even seen the National Guard turn their backs as Biden’s drove to his so call inauguration. Some believe it was due to the amount of people walking the streets of DC. An my response, “take another look, Washington DC was shutdown there were no extra spectators allowed within BLOCKS of DC, unless you had a press pass and had a body search and your bags were also searched.”
    An we all know Joey wears an earwig in his ear and repeats whats said to him. Get a load of this as Joe & Jill etc enter into Congress. You can hear Joe saying “Salute the Military” BUT does the military salute Joe did Joe salute NO, hahahaaa. Watch and see the video is just over 1:31


  2. Good Morning, Beautiful….It’s 7:30 a.m. in Florida….What a heavenly way to awake to all of the beauty that is you….I’m wrapped up in my comforter with a cup of Bustelo wishing you were here having a cup with me…..Viewing all of the amazing contributions on your site….Angel, your photographs of California are so beautiful….God’s beautiful creation….You selected the most beautiful piece of music to accompany it, too….I love “California Stars”…..I’m basking in the romanticism and warmth of the beauty that is you….What an amazing video presentation from Karen Rene Pryor….Such a beautiful version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” which so appropriately serves as the soundtrack to the glorious moments that we are witnessing in the history of our country and in the world…..We are so blessed to be witnessing and sharing these amazing moments in time, together….WWG1WGA…I love you, D!! 

  3. Hi D, I found this page on the CDC website about Covid-19 deaths figured I share just case you have that stubborn family member, friend or co-workers thats completely bending at every whim of the Gov.

    “Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19” go to the CAUSE OF DEATH section.

    Estimated numbers of deaths due to these other causes of death could represent misclassified COVID-19 deaths, or potentially could be indirectly related to COVID-19 (e.g., deaths from other causes occurring in the context of health care shortages or overburdened health care systems). Deaths with an underlying cause of death of COVID-19 are not included in these estimates of deaths due to other causes, but deaths where COVID-19 appeared on the death certificate as a multiple cause of death may be included in the cause-specific estimates. For example, in some cases, COVID-19 may have contributed to the death, but the underlying cause of death was another cause, such as terminal cancer. For the majority of deaths where COVID-19 is reported on the death certificate (approximately 95%), COVID-19 is selected as the underlying cause of death.


    PS I’m still looking for the section of where the CDC is preparing to make Health Camps (What’s this Nazi Germany?) When you become I’ll in the future with a Covid related they will be placing you into a health camp with a handler to help you cope with family separation. Yes separation, because your family will not be permitted to visit you. The minim stay is (6) Months, YES 6 months. They will do everything they can for you to get better (but we know what the vaccine is for) An once they have use every possible means to helping you they will inform you and your loved ones theres nothing left to help… The End. I’m also looking for the part where my brother told me that Obama pasted a bill in the billions to make plastic coffin’s Dummy me didn’t mark the site, but if I found it once I can find it again….

    Oh by the way Moderna put out that the Covid-19 vaccine study will be done in 2023, yea. So everyone taking it now. You’ve become part of the study case… Phase 2 of human trial. We know how the mice trail went in 2002. I have that study on hard copy. Not Good Death with mice and 2 children

    Everything is in plain site you just need to know and dig… The CDC is an open book, but so many paths to take… 1 path down and more to go.

    Sorry so much info just trying to put it out there…

  4. Hi D, I found through my history… I stand corrected it was 1 billion $ worth of disposable coffins for FEMA detention (Really DETENTION, like war camps WTF) centers in case of an AMERICAN REVOLT…. Back in 2014 What made Obama think there would be a revolt??? Other then he was thinking that Bitch Hillary had it in the bag to carry out the plan to thin out the herd… They NEVER seen Trump coming, he’s always 10 steps a head of the game!!!

    Fact Check; The Truth about those FEMA Coffins’ URL; https://www.jacksonville.com/article/20140204/NEWS/801258710

    Also found the CIC’s Community Isolation Centers for Covid-19 in Low-Resource Settings I couldn’t find it search through the CDC site so I googled it and it brought me right to into the CDC URL: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/global-covid-19/operational-considerations-isolation-centers.html#print
    19 pages of reading girl…

    My Covid-19 file is getting BIG!!!

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