What And Who Is Really On The Moon?

Could the moon be a hollow-bodied construct that contains a hidden message encoding the deeper mysteries of our universe and life on Earth? Our team of researchers examine evidence that suggests that our moon is of artificial origin, intentionally placed in exact orbit by advanced civilizations in ancient times. With recent discoveries from NASA and the European Space Agency, the lunar enigmas have only compounded.

Watch here: πŸ“Ί https://www.gaia.com/share/ckt0rv7ik000u0jpv09wr8heg?language[]=en&utm_source=share πŸ“Ί

Is our moon an interstellar ark, with a powerful computer which has fallen to reptilian control and now used to subtly influence humanity? Insiders tell us that our moon has been built as an ark to preserve life from dying planets by transporting them to our world. For this life to survive, the ideal climatic conditions on Earth would have been created by the deliberate placement and size of the moon. Each full moon, we see signs of reptilian control, as human psyche comes into alignment with the negative entities inhabiting the core of the lunar computer.

Watch here: πŸ“Ίhttps://www.gaia.com/share/ckt0rtzy3000r0ir95xzdc4gj?language[]=en&utm_source=share πŸ“Ί

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~ Dilara 08.31.21

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  1. Hi, D
    Very INTERESTING, the Moon and Mars are linked. We knew something was going on within the two and now we are hearing and reading chatter on the back channels that the Cabal Government has something going on with both.
    The other night I was watching a movie, The Gentlemen (2019). With a cast I know is linked to the secret society in Pedowood. One sentence towards the end of the movie 2 characters played by Hugh Grant and Charlie Hunnam. Grants character says to Hunnam “Becareful you may find yourself ending up on Mars” I said to myself, why would the writer and director Guy Richie (Isn’t that Madonna ex?) would use that phrase on Mars. He could have said “at the bottom of the lake wearing cement shoes” but he didn’t.
    Now that I’m aware of the this infested child eating and blood consuming culture, I’m seeing all the clues within movies. They are putting it out they’re in our faces. Now I’m seeing phrases, symbols, as I cast an eye on this “ELITE ILLUMINATI”. I’m seeing features of a man inverted to a woman and vise versa. It’s hard to watch now without analyzing every detail now. It drives my boyfriend nuts. But now he’ll say to me “is she a man too?” YEP!!! LOL
    Having this knowledge I’m finding it harder and harder to sit and watch a movie with certain Cabal actors, I just cant look at these pieces of shit, knowing what I now know. Eyes Wide OPEN… the list is so long now and continuing to grow… LOL

    I see that Mars is on deck. Thank You for sharing these videos, much appreciated.


  2. I can’t help but think about an animated still series on YouTube named “Bedtime Stories” and a particular installment titled “There is something on the Moon” while viewing these stellar Gaia segments. It reinforces what’s put forward on the Bedtime Stories regarding habitation on the moon.

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