UFO’s And The Cyborg Invasion

Join us for tonight’s feature film from the one and only Jim Nichols called UFO’s and the Cyborg Invasion.

Have technologies back-engineered from the Roswell UFO crash debris served as a covert trojan horse for an Artificial Intelligence take-over of Earth Humanity? We are now in the midst of a new technological revolution promising to engineer the human species into immortals.

With everything we have learned since Potus took office, and are still learning, this is a must watch for all anons, truth seekers and patriots.

Stay the course!


A Film by Jim Nichols

ScrewTube is censoring this content and I cannot repost it. Here is the full feature with full credit to the maker. The Cabal YT link is viewable here: https://youtu.be/lrhIEtf0bmw



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~ Dilara 09.24.21

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  1. Dilara, in conjunction with this infiltration, can you discuss infiltration of the truth movement and protests with agents, provocateurs, shills, fake truth media, and their impact on humanity’s awakening. I know you have have mentioned that you have been impacted by this infiltration, and therefore will have insights to help your patrons wading through the dross of misinformation.

  2. Hi Dilara. Hope you are well.
    I’m fine with the whole Aliens thing to be brought out in the open. The problem I DOO have is finding out President Trump is not coming back till 2024. That is pure bullshit, if that is true.
    I KNEW all these evil ones would get away with all their heinous crimes. But then again, they get away with
    EVERYTHING. If Trump can’t come back till 24, then he just lost.

    • That’s not what I said. I said this operation of fake Biden is going to take four years. POTUS will return surely when it’s time and they can stop the charade. 2024 is the latest… ! The time is up to God. πŸ™‚

      • It stops being a ‘movie’ when soldiers are killed. Or are you going to say, that didn’t really happen?
        Why are so many celebrities pouring into Telgram now? I think it may be really Mel Gibson but Denzel is great friends with Oprah. And Stallone. Aren’t his daughters besties with the Kardashians? I have always loved Tim Allen,, but he’s good friends with Hankz. And now Bruce Willis?? Demi is so deep in the cabal, it’s not funny….It feels like infiltration from within all over again.

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