Saturday Night Rant: People Are Losing It!

Hi everyone!

I spent the day taking live footage of what is really going on in Los Angeles.

As I will have to go through this footage tomorrow (there was alot!) and organize it and get it over to Linda Paris who is working away as is my dear friend Maria Benardis on bringing you and uncontrolled narrative!

Just wait until you see with your own eyes what is happening in downtown Los Angeles!

Moar tik, tike, BOOM!

After I spent the entire day walking around and filming more proof that The Military Is In Control!, I had to stop and rant this evening about how people are losing it!

Join me and the lovely Maria on tonight’s episode of A Fistful of Truth where we rant together about how the higher vibrational frequencies are bringing out the best (and the worst!) in people!

So remember, work on your self, Seek God First! and Protect Your Energy: #HoldTheLine.

Drop the Disbelievers! and Let Your Tribe Find You.

God bless you diligent patriots.

A FISTFUL OF TRUTH: Saturday Night Rant with Maria Benardis


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~ Dilara 11.13.21

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  1. Here’s my take on this whole missing books from the Bible, Ok I would like to see them when they become available..,And now Re: The alleged manipulation and rewriting of the Bible to serve others agenda and purposes.Now this is my personal Belief based on my Personal experience and interaction with Father God.. I cannot accept nor Believe that my Loving Father Adonai, would not intervene on my behalf when I am connecting with him through His Word. He’s Father God! The Creator of All!! I Know and Believe that what I read is what He wants me to read.. and i know I’m Interpreting His Word as He wants me to Interpret it. I know this because I’ve always asked Him to help me know what He wants me to know!!! It doesn’t matter to me what the words on the pages say…God is feeding me what He wants me to know!!! Remember HE’S FATHER GOD!!! Nothing more need to be said…….All my Praise and Honor to You My Father Adonai!!! Ciao!

  2. “Med bed whores” 😄 Some Saturday night snark Ms. D! Love it. Sorry to hear you and Maria are having bouts of insomnia. My sleep comes in fits and I woke up at around 1:40AM today, but was able to go back to sleep about 40 mins later and dreamed a very lucid dream, which as I understand comes from God. I’m of the mind that awakening has reached saturation point and those that still slumber have been give enough time and it won’t be too much longer that the awakened will be put into peril. The world looks to America and they can’t be let down.

  3. Excellent conversation with Maria , thankyou for sharing ,,,the sleepy heads in our society will awaken when MSN including social media is taken down,,i am at odds with family members because of their lack of wanting to look at things from a different perspective,,i no longer share my view because of the growing narcissism that has developed with the DS influence,,,,,all we can do is turn to God for real answers to defeat evil.

  4. Everything we need to know about ascension, we learned (or should’ve learned) on the first day of Sunday school:

    1.) God (Jesus / The Creator / Source, etc.) is Love and
    2.) God (Jesus / The Creator / Source, etc.) loves me!

    This revelation (and not just the knowledge of) is the only requirement for ascension IMO because perfect love not only casts out all fear, but every negative vibration that seeks to prevent us from ascending.

    As someone who has dealt with a shame-based nature and struggled with the spirit of rejection for years, I can honestly say that the revelation of God’s love for me was the single most important gift (besides salvation) I could have received from the Creator of the Universe. Without it, I would not have been able to handle all the truths about this world, let alone seek ascension. I spent a good few years meditating on God’s love for me and repeated the mantra, “God loves me” in the mirror and/or every chance I got until that truth went from my head to my heart.

    Anyhow, great show, Dilara! You and Maria make great co-hosts. Keep it up! Just remember to take regular me-time breaks to re-energize and/or rejuvenate on God’s love.

  5. In regards to Maria mentioning that she feels like she’s age regressing, I went to my eye doctor that other day and was told that my eyes are getting better. I’ve worn corrective lenses since I was little, that’s the first time I’ve ever had my eyes get better and not worse. So y’all might be on to something there.

    Love your rants and interviews. Keep up the great work!

  6. HEROES to ZEROES! I think that would be a great new sign Maria can plaster over those jab-promos in the subways. GREAT podcast (again)! I loved Maria’s talk about NYC – made me think of …WALL Street (Wheels and Walls)… GOLD-Man (worshiping false idols = money)… regarding the bronze BULL statue in Wall Street = BULL-BA”AL more idol worship…and the 9-11 memorials look like hollowed out black cubes… Yes, I think now, you have put SO much information out there and so much is available for those who want to know can do their research on your blog and through others …and now is the time to prepare for NCSWIC. I hope you take good care of yourself. As Maria and you both shared, it’s time to focus on God and our well-being/health/spirituality and let our light shine as beacons of light and love. Any awakened stragglers will join for sure. For now, let your LIGHT continue to SHINE! God Bless You and Maria! Thank you. 😘

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