Deep Space Series: Part 1 – 3

A Tuesday night special for all of you!

Enjoy these three links to view the first three parts of Deep Space in the next 72 hours. There are three seasons and I will be posting them here throughout the next few weeks.

This is part one through three. You can share this link with others and on all and any social media platforms but note that it does expire and you may want to let your readers and friends know. Finally, you can watch these multiple times during the allowed time period.

How Do You Make People Aware of An Alternate Reality?

Crumbs are easy to swallow.

Start here.

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  1. Ancient Space Program

Since the 1960’s, NASA-born space programs have taken a prominent place in the media and collected accolades for their accomplishments of furthering humanity into the space age. But what if this was all a major front to obscure NASA’s interest in ancient space programs? Scattered all about the world, many ancient sites hold subtle clues that we have not been alone for a very long time. In this inaugural episode of Deep Space, we scour the world uncovering evidence of arcane extraterrestrial civilizations and examine NASA’s interest in recovering advanced technology from these locations.

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2. Mysteries of the Solar System

While the search for scattered remains of ancient aliens on Earth continues, greater mysteries stretch throughout the solar system before us. Astro-archeological clues indicate that our solar system was once the staging ground for an ancient civilization which propagates life throughout the universe. In preparation for our eventual evolution, they left behind a trail of interstellar bread crumbs for us to follow. This may be seen in the writings of Philip K. Dick, the enduring presence of the Black Knight satellite and in the channeled writings of Maria Orsic. More than just initiating our progress into a new space age, these communications may also be subtle indications of the true nature of our reality.

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3. The German Flying Saucers

During the furor of World War Two, German engineers created the world’s first flying saucers using information gleaned from ancient manuscripts, channeled information and possibly with the assistance of extraterrestrial beings. Despite these superior advances in technology, the German government surrendered. Meanwhile, the keepers of this secret technology fled to Antarctica. The series of events which would unfold from this action would pave the way for the establishment of a national security state and give new grounds for the German scientists to continue building out a secret space program.

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~ Dilara 08.10.21

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  1. Dilara- soaking it all in. Thank you so much for sharing this. Yes, the net-net of the TRUTH, for me, is our human role on earth in this galactic universe as well as the truth of the good and evil species/beings that are here. Everything (I use that word generously) makes sense. The truth is so refreshing. The veil has been lifted.🤩 Thank you for all you’ve done to reveal this to me. As time does not appear to be linear, as we spiral 🌀 along in our path, “circling back” may have some efficacy. 🥸 God wins! WWG1WGA

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