Snarky Sunday & Sunday Comics: They Have Snouts!

Part two of my interview and discussion with the one and only Linda Paris. This segment includes:


Watch here: 👉🏼 👈🏼

Sunday Comics: Love Connection

by Bill

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~ Dilara 07.25.2021

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      • Oh wanted to let you know also..The Quantum Communication Video from Friday’s Post was like Whoa!!! Thanks for the link. I’ve watched it like 3 times already!! Truly fascinating! The potential to be able to do that unobstructed, private….mind blowing man! Thanks Again, Always praying for that Hedge…..Ciao!

  1. Hi again. I think a great topic for you two to cover is the corrupt and heinous Church of Scientology. Why isn’t anyone exposing that place?? Its just as bad, if not worse than Epstein Island. Also, more celebs have islands, like Faith Hill and her husband Tim Mcgraw. I’d like to think they are normal but my gut says they are guilty of heinous crimes too. I think Nexium* and Epstein are very connected and even more to be exposed. Bidens brother has an island, he’s been trying to sell it but all these perverted monsters need to be exposed and exterminated like the cockroaches they are.
    Have a great week!!

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