Hyperdimensional Physics And The Solar System

What if the greatest mysteries of our solar system are of artificial origin, built with the intention of influencing conscious development on earth? Our team of investigators look at the most puzzling planet in our solar system, Saturn. From its majestic rings to the strange hexagonal storm at its north Pole, the mysteries surrounding the ringed planet seem to be endless. To decode these enigmas, we must examine them through the lens of sacred geometry, cymatics and hyperdimensional physics. What we find is that we may be trapped in a perceptual prison, lulled into a false sense of possibility, which is maintained by royal bloodlines. The secrets to freeing ourselves are right before us, displayed throughout our solar system.

Link: 📺 https://www.gaia.com/share/cksws6xsc00dq0inu89kwg7yw?language[]=en&utm_source=share 📺

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~ Dilara 08.28.21

God bless you and Godspeed! 🙏🏼 ♥️ ⚖️

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  1. Dilara I think you may like this, please share with Linda.

    A Warrior Calls – A True David and Goliath Moment Against Evil In Canada

    This might be the most interesting show I’ve seen this year! This may really connect a lot of dots together for you, I’d consider it to be a MUST WATCH.

    David Hawkins was once half of the Abel Danger Show along with Field McConnell.

    The part with David Hawkins on it starts at just after the 8:30 minute point and goes until the 1:26:15 minute point.

    This has both Canadian and American information about pedophiles and human trafficking rings, Pierre and Justin Trudeau’s treason against Canada, the BAR Association, Virus development in Canada, Huawei Technologies and stolen patents, Cell Phone virus tracking, the horrors of the Picton Pig Farm, Starnet Communications and kiddie porn films, the plan to disintegrate the nuclear family, the contract tracing scam, etc, etc.


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