Afghanistan Explained

Today’s post is via @BenjaminABock on GAB who gives us this breakdown of this charade going on in Afghanistan.

Enjoy the show!

Afghanistan Breakdown

Planned: 2016 Trump release New Afghan pres [under taliban] 


2018 meets with Pompeo

2021 placed as Pres of Afghanistan under taliban rule 

2016 released him from prison

Re Biden @ CD: Those camp david photos are either faked or from February 

Chek this ooout ==>

Final KEK: You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿

🐸 🇺🇸 🐸 🇺🇸 🐸

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~ Dilara 08.17.21

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  1. Was Tom Clancy really taken out, or was he disappeared so that he could write and direct this script. His Magnum Opus or Great Work.
    Red October is his story.
    Was Stanley Kurbick disappeared in order to product / direct this great script….to make up for mis-directing the great moon landing hoax. He’d be 91-92 now.
    Stanley Kubrick gemantria 970 – Kennedy Family / Trump Potus / I Never Left / Rises on the third day ( ressurrection )…
    Interesting times.

  2. What a glorious day!!! Wake up and Trust the Plan!!!!! In the end GOD WINS!!!
    Dilara, THANK YOU for everything you are doing to get us through this Show!! I am just ready for the
    end to happen…….soon I hope!!! Until then WWG1WGA!!

  3. Is that James Earl Jones in the pic above with a visitor tag? Why him? Is he good or bad? Anyone able to explain that piece? Thanks!!

  4. I couldn’t stop laughing at the photoshopped images of Potato Joe at Camp David! 😄 And if the MSM has an issue with it, remember your side did it first.

  5. I absolutely loved you the first time I saw you on McAllister TV Online show, and I agree you should do more podcasts and share your thoughts and news and whatever you want with us. I always tune in.
    Linda is a true olds school truth seeker and also knows how to stand her ground, I am the same way and also raised in NY so I don’t get The Who “ashamed “ or “my feel bads are hurt” thing that seems to be the case today with so many …. Ughhh. But I think she’s an amazing woman and very unique in the way she introduced knowledge to those who are new to all of this, she had always been a part of the mainstream information but knew something was off. Her intuition is loud enough to be heard over the programming that drowns out common sense in so many. Those who are like her are brave and very rare, don’t waste time on useless ignorance because it’s running out fast. After learning about our debt system, the reptilians blood lines, the satanic agenda and the fact that all secret societies have their common connection to the demonics and the sad truth ; they ran the world, they are the most deceived of all and the most broken. The sickest and most fractured get rewarded with wealth and popularity.
    to face that all our systems that run the society we all live in are really just deceptions and misdirection of incomplete information omitting the most important parts and obtaining consent from the clueless public to then blatantly betray and abuse all of the non members of their bloody psychopathic clubs. They are pathetic and broken shattered entities and are not able to be responsible for the consciousness of their choices.
    I’m an immigrant from Former USSR and I had the same questions when I was young , where are th milk carton kids? I would ask cops in my precinct and get ridiculed for trying to understand where they all just pop out of existence,,, got only my self in problems for that. But I don’t like false narrative and once you know what actually goes on here , (this farm that we all are in )and I had to know the history of how this came to be, you can’t go back to the blissful ignorance.
    Would love to do the same. Start a podcast and just let all of my 30+ years out. I’m bad with all tech stuff so I just do what I can to go live and share what I believe is important to be aware of.

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