Part Two: Tribunals Underway! @Jack! George Floyd First Arrest!?


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~ Dilara 06.27.21

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  1. From Part Two: Tribunals Underway…Interview with Linda Paris….

    “I’m watching it happen Linda, I’m watching it happen. I’m, you know I’ve got a front row seat. I have to say I really can’t stand this place. I mean this place is just festering. I mean it’s like the worst infestation. But at the same time it’s a great seat to have. I get to watch it Everyday and I’m like Man! everyday I smile a little more, everyday I’m a little more elated because Folks it’s happening……”

    Interesting…. I was surprised that Linda didn’t ask you to elaborate about this. But Linda is the Pro and definitely knows better than I. Thank You both for Your awesome efforts! Ciao!

  2. Hi D,
    I just love your talks with Linda. I can relate to everything the two of you are talking about, “on all levels” The mask thing it’s a big UGH for me. When Bob & I go out, anywhere shopping, dinner, gas. We too just can’t get over how many people still wearing masks here in Connecticut. I’m not talking 2 or 3 people, its 70-80% still wearing masks. When this shit hits the fan these people are going to be spinning & sucking on inhalers gasping for air.
    We were invited to a cookout this weekend, a couple thats been good friends of Bob’s since high school. They still order all their groceries delivered to their house or beach house. Wear their masks at work and never go out for dinner or socialize with society whats so ever. When I went into the fridge to get a club soda, it was stuffed with all take out boxes. I was like OMG they are living like shut-in’s. They were first in line for the Vax when it came out. Lucy obese and asthma [Lucy is the one I told you that went deaf in her right ear 1 week after the first shot and took the second shot] and Brian his heart valve issue with surgery coming up soon. They are living in fear of dying. The FEAR has them CONTROLLED completely. It’s Nuts O!!! They always invite us to their place for dinner and we go. We’ve just given up, a longgggg time ago on trying to inform them on anything, its a waste on our energy… Not once this whole time plus a couple of months before Covid BS have they come over to our house on our invites to have dinner at our place, Oh well their loss. They know we’re not vaccinated and have not issue with it. But Lucy is so brain washed. When I told her she had to come over to see the progress on the construction on our house and barn. I had to tell her its been 2 years since you’ve been over. Her words were “it’s been 2 years, IT’S BEEN 2 YEARS!!!!!!, NOooooo? We’ve been just so busy” Yep!!! I told her “you NEED to make the time that’s how friendship works. You’ve been so wrapped up in your [SAVE] Covid Mask Association Bubble.”
    When we left, Bob and I were scratching our heads. We both got in the truck and looked at each other at the same time and said WTF and bursted out laughing. Bob said “I’m so glad you said something about them not making to time to come over.” Damn Right!
    These FEMA camps are going to be needed for therapy for all these people, lol. Just completely not in touch with anything. Like you said they don’t want to know and let me be happy in my bubble of Crazy Masked Association…
    Keep up the good work ladies.
    There is a plan people, we’ve been doing the homework…

    P.S. I just can’t wait for Schiff to hit the fan and see the look on these people. The great awakening for sure!!!

  3. I just read that the tribunals won’t start until July. Where are the sources for this information.

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