Mendon, Illinois POTUS Rally Decode Feat. Snack Anon!

Join me and Snack Anon for the latest Potus Rally Decode where we discuss the follow up to the fully loaded HIGHLY CENSORED Tennessee DOUBLE DECODE Feat. Snack Anon! BIG BOOMS!.

I believe that soon, we will look to Twitter as we hear these words: The Storm Is Upon Us.

And of course, we all know whose back!

Keep holding that line patriots. We have made it this far, and this show is only going to get better!
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~ Dilara 07.01.2022

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  1. Hey- I really appreciate all the effort and research you put into the shows you share with us. I’ve been digging around trying to figure out why Trump would go to the tiny town of Mendon. First it’s near Quincy, Illinois, which is known as Q city! And here’s the kicker, which you probably already know, it’s on the 33rd parallel! Keep up the great work. I love that you shared your pencil drawings and hope that some will be up for sale soon! Sending love, light, energy, positivity, support for our awaken community! TJ


    • Well thank you for that! Very interesting and noted! I did not know any of that! I have been looking at mines below the earth – apparently there is interesting stuff below the ground. Uranium is a biggie in the last few places he has been holding rallies, which is used for space flight. And he always seems to mention “Space Force”. What do you think about the WINDBURN he keeps saying over and over again? Thank you anon! I appreciate you 🙂

  2. Hi Dilara,

    I know you are busy, but I am an SF anon. We have spoken before. You were one of my biggest teachers in my great awakening since 2018 because you had the deeper dives on issues I could not find any other info on. It is so nice to have someone else out there that thinks the same pretty much. You have more real connections though. Anyways I just learned we are 3 years apart. Anyways you seem much happier on your podcasts these days and i am so happy about that. I was happy to learn a while back you are Christian and aware we will be the revival state. What do you think about deliverance from demons? I don’t want to assume that is what you mean. I am excited and ready for deliverance myself.
    My fellow San Franciscans need it bad.

    Thank you for being the friend to hear that we all need at this time. You are the best!

    • Funny how God always lifts me up when Im tired, weary and about to say I quit! Lol. But that is really never. I just feel like that sometimes. It has been indeed SIX years we have been at this! I am so humbled to hear from you and appreciate you writing to me here. I have to say, I really miss Twitter and POTUS being there. Why? Because you can’t hide and grift on Twitter. You have to be real or you get called out! (So many idiots out there since we were purged – it’s carney central in the so called “truther” community). I am VERY happy as I have take out the TRASH. THAT is the deliverance from demons. They are seething these days, like a cornered rabid animal but their time is soon up. Look at what happened to Maxwell today! BUH BYE! And it’s only gonna trickle down to the assets below these cretin. Yes, I’m a Christian – I love Jesus Christ and will never stop fighting for HIM. SF used to be my home as you know. Just not the same and Im afraid it never will be. But our state WILL be the revival state and Potus knows this! God bless you fren. Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement. Stay the course! Ill be here with you and the rest of the real patriots holding the line! AMEN!

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