Friday Night Movies: Deep Space 9, 10 and 11

Here is the rest of the Deep Space episodes for Season 1 from Gaia.

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Episode 9: Aliens and Cover-Ups

Are we truly alone in this universe? To answer this question, we only need look to the annals of human history. What we call UFO phenomena has long been recorded in ancient artworks, literature and architecture. But there is a hole in this history that can only be filled by understanding how advanced these alien civilizations are. However, governments of the world have created an elaborate cover-up scheme intended to discredit all evidence, ranging from NASA footage to ancient works—all of which proves the long-term extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

Watch here: 📺👉🏼[]=en&utm_source=share👈🏼📺

Episode 10: The New Nasa Connection

With a myriad missions to Mars, we have been inundated with images of the red planet. However, what many of us see does not reveal the whole story. Those who have obtained the original images have discovered anomalous features such as artificial structures and living beings. Thus begs the question, what does NASA really know, why are they doing such a poor job of hiding it from us, and when will we get the whole truth? The answers may already be hiding in plain sight.

Watch here: 📺👉🏼[]=en&utm_source=share👈🏼📺

Episode 11: The Veil

Despite tightfisted governments of the world holding on to information concerning the extraterrestrial presence, the truth will find a way. All over the world, filmmakers are inserting information into their projects which would shock the world, should it be revealed callously. Embedded within these fantastic tales of science fiction and fantasy lay the seeds of predictive programming. Seeds based upon a new algorithm that we all help to program. What is yet to come, when the veil is lifted, may be based upon what we do and say, collectively.

Watch here: 📺👉🏼[]=en&utm_source=share👈🏼📺

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God bless you and Godspeed! 🙏🏼 ♥️ ⚖️

~ Dilara 08.20.21

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  1. You know what been crazy? There’s a very small group of us who slipped though the purging cracks…probably cause we each have like 10 followers lol. How much of a threat can we be? Right? LoL.. Anyway some of this group have been dealing with crap from others asking us who do we work for really. Ask me if I’m Most Sad all the time… know why? Cause I’m often asked how come you talk so much (crap)sp on YT and Twotter and never get dinged? Who do you work for?? I thought I was the only one for a minute but found out recently that there’s a few of us that have drawn that question from trolls? Shills? Probably Some Fame Figs that have even less followers than I do!! LoL Does the DM work on that Twit B/U? Just in case…..
    Ciao Ms. Dilara. TY for the Deep space links and xlnt show with Linda!! …..

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