Bill Gates Arrested


Watch my interview with the one and only, Circle Back Snarky, The Deplorable McAllister, Linda Paris here:

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~ Dilara 08.07.21

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  1. Excellent Part 1. Great job both of you. I would like to add that I’m very grateful for the hardwork that both you and Linda put forth for our Benefit. TBH I’m here in Southern California but I have no personal contact with anyone else who thinks like I do. Everyone pretty much avoids me like the plague cause they think I gotta screw loose in my head. My hardest fight was staying convinced that I was doing the right thing myself and not to breakdown and give in to the pressure that I myself had created because of the isolation. I began to think that maybe I was incorrect and that the sheep were right. For this very reason, I appreciate the selflessness of your time. For it is because of Linda’s show, Your new Podcast and the Blog. If they didn’t exist, I would have no sources of information from my perspective of what is happening. Your individual efforts of Intel gathering and distribution of that Intel is what has kept me Sane and Alive and I’m not saying that lightheartedly….Thank you from the bottom of my heart….Ciao.

  2. I found the knowledge of the forever time series on youtube, but what I as suspicious of is why hasn’t it been banned and removed if it contains so much dangerous truth? they’ve gone viciously after much less.

  3. Hi Dilara, I have some real life experiences living off grid in the mountains of northern colorado that can add to research, Thank you for what you do.

  4. I’m sitting here listening to you (first time) and Linda Paris enjoying the conversation very much, when my eye was drawn to you SRF necklace! Wonderful to see others of a like mind who are awake and aware of these things who follow a similar spiritual path. Fifty years now for me.

  5. thank you Dilara 💗 another great video. only thing making sense is the creatures are being arrested.

  6. is a satire site. why waste air debating on this topic even it is a satire site. Go to their “About Us” and you will see that they said it is purely humor, parody and satire on their website.

    Thank you.

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